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Roundtable: Underrated 2016 SMU Signees

The Pony Stampede staff sounds off on the most underrated signees in the SMU 2016 signing class.

Billy: Myles Duke

TCU has been making their living off of guys like Goose Creek Memorial do-it-all athlete Myles Duke. Now, SMU is trying their hand at converting former quarterbacks to the secondary. Duke could still end up on the offensive side of the ball somehow, but he's bound for the Star position as of now. Duke is elusive on the offensive side of the ball and I think he'll be similar on the defensive side of the ball. Opponents are going to have trouble getting their hands on him and with his size, he should get time at the Star early and possibly at a nickel back if the staff sees him as good enough in pass coverage. Either way, Duke is completely under the radar and was a nice find by the SMU staff.

Scott: Harrison Barton

Because he attended a private school and committed way back in the summer, Harrison Barton flew under the radar some, but the offensive lineman has the aggression, strength and footwork to be the best offensive lineman in this class down the road.  At the point of attack, he has a great first punch, and he does a terrific job of finishing blocks all the way to the whistle.  And anytime you get a player who played both ways in high school, you know you’re getting a player that’s going to be in shape and that competes every down.  

Hatts: Kadarius Smith

With all the talent that has been brought in at some of the skill positions, this may go down as one of the most important signings for the Mustangs. With Smith’s power, he has the makings of a future anchor along the offensive line as long as he can get a little bit quicker. I like this pick up by SMU really going out and shoring up a need with more of a punch along the offensive line. 

Patrick: Brandon Benson

I’m a huge Benson fan. The Waco (Texas) La Vega native spurned a handful of Big Ten offers to play for SMU, plays a lot of snaps on both sides of the ball and won a state championship in his senior season. He’s outside Scout’s top 100 wide receivers, but the entire offensive staff loves his game. I really like how he attacks his breaks and cuts in a route. He’s fast, has fluid hips and puts a lot of double moves on defenders to separate deep. His route tree isn’t all that diverse, but his ball skills and athleticism stand out and allow him to win on the routes he does run well (post, curl, quick slant).

Demo: Joshua Shelmire

Joshua Shelmire is undervalued in my opinion. One of the things SMU tries to do is get the ball out quickly and that often means a lot of bubble and tunnel screens. That’s his specialty. Maybe he isn’t the flashiest or the most complete receiver, but his ability to make things happen after the catch will make him valuable to SMU. 

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