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Michael Badejo SMU Signing Day Profile

Hatts breaks down SMU signee Michael Badejo in his National Signing Day Profile.

Michael Badejo Signing Day Video

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 81 tackles, 10 sacks, 3 QB Hurries, 4 forced fumbles
SIDE NOTE: Before deciding to focus on playing football at the college level, Badejo was also considering pursuing track at the next level.
AUDIBLE: "Personally for me it’s a dream come true, I didn’t know where in the world I wanted to go to school, but I started getting a ton of offers and blowing up, I decided I wanted to stay closer to home and then boom SMU hit me, I’m from Dallas so I thought I want to stay close to home and play in Dallas so it means a lot, even after college even if I don’t make it to the pros, instantly I can get a job right after I can walk away with a SMU degree, that’s a honor not a lot of people can say that it’s the place to be, it feels good."

How Badejo fits

Badejo will bring a lot of talent to the linebacker position, which is an area SMU badly needed to address this offseason. The 6-2, 220-pound linebacker fits into SMU very well as someone who can stop the run with the best of them and also can get after the passer efficiently. SMU though sees him at defensive end, but it'll be interesting to see where he settles as his body develops.

What Badejo brings

Badejo brings an aggressive nature and an edge that SMU didn’t have last year. He will be a guy that can come in and stop the run; especially stopping runs from bouncing out to the outside.

What to Expect Freshman Year

Don’t look for Badejo to make a big impact rushing the passer while he learns how to diversify all his different moves that he has. However, there’s no doubt Badejo will be able to contribute as a solid tackler who will still get the occasional sack. SMU will eventually need him to get pressure on the quarterback, but the Mustangs will benefit immensely from just getting a solid tackler. 

Career Expectations for Michael Badejo 

I expect Badejo to be a leader for SMU by the time he is a senior at SMU. The outside linebacker from Mansfield comes into SMU as a very talented player who just needs to refine his school before he really takes off as a player. With the relationship Badejo has built with the coaching staff, he’s going to take in everything they have to say and become a really big playmaker for SMU once he is done. 

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