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Braxton Webb SMU Signing Day Profile

Hatts breaks down SMU signee Braxton Webb in his National Signing Day Profile.

Braxton Webb Signing Day Video

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 27 pancake blocks, 53 cut blocks, 3 knockdowns, 5 big plays, 0 sacks allowed
COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Nevada and Syracuse
SIDE NOTE: Webb recently played in the 2016 International Bowl representing the US Under-18 national team.   
AUDIBLE: "The emotions I’m going through are happiness and excitement but also a little sad leaving San Angelo the town I grew up in since I was in second grade but I think it will be for the better of me and my family and my family loves SMU so that makes it easier for me to go to Dallas."

How Webb fits

Webb will likely fit as either a right or left tackle for SMU when he steps on the Hilltop next fall. With the presence of Briggs and Pursley on the left side of the line, Webb will likely start out as a right tackle before moving over to left tackle later on in his time at SMU. 

What Webb brings

Webb brings a high football IQ and an awareness of all that’s around him to help limit the pressure on his quarterbacks. Webb isn’t the flashiest player ever but the key is he gets the job done time and again as evidenced by the fact he didn’t allow a sack this season. This hard working attitude and passion for SMU should rub off positively on the rest of his teammates as well. 

What to Expect Freshman Year

If there is one area that Webb does need to improve it’s his quickness and also adding to his frame a little bit. For this reason, Webb may redshirt next season to help with the transition to playing college football. The 6-5, 286-pound lineman would certainly still be able to hold up for SMU but with veterans on both sides of the line he does not need to be forced into action right away. 

Career Expectations for Webb

Because of his football IQ and diligent nature, Webb is going to be a very good player for SMU that is going to keep getting better and better under the tutelage of coach Fry. Webb is strong in pass blocking but simply just needs time to adjust to the quickness of the collegiate game before he will truly take off. A couple years down the line, this is going to be a valuable offensive line piece for SMU. 

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