Blake Carlisle SMU Signing Day Profile

Demo breaks down SMU signee Blake Carlisle in his National Signing Day Profile.

Blake Carlisle Signing Day Video

COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Louisiana Tech. Prairie View A&M, Texas State, Toledo
AUDIBLE: “Almost every day I’d get a letter from them. The coaches were always hitting me up on Twitter. I’d call them and we’d have some really good conversations. I went to visit the school—it was a really nice campus and I loved the people there.”

How Carlisle fits

We keep talking about how SMU lacked depth at the defensive end. Part of that is SMU not having the right type of athletes on its roster. Carlisle is the right kind of athlete. He’s rangy enough and strong enough to cover tight ends and support on the run. His skill set would probably come in handy in the red zone.  

What Carlisle brings

He’s 6-3, 175 pounds, strong, and has good enough speed. He played tight end and outside linebacker at Dickinson, so you know he has some ball skills and the versatility to stop the run and drop back in coverage. His versatility is something SMU desperately needs on defense. He can cover a tight end, stuff the run, and is big enough to compete with bigger receivers in the end zone for jump balls. 

What to Expect Freshman Year

SMU’s graduated a solid chunk of linebackers so Carlisle stands a good chance of seeing some minutes early on. If he can prove reliable in pass coverage, his usage will go up. 

Career Expectations for Carlisle

Given his skill-set and versatility, it’s conceivable that he could be a starter in a year or two. Perhaps the biggest thing bring his stock down is his 4.9 0 time in the 40. For someone just 178, he’s not as fast as I’m sure coaches would like him to be. If he can work on his speed, he should have a solid career at SMU. 

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