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Kadarius Smith SMU Signing Day Profile

Demo breaks down SMU signee Kadarius Smith in his National Signing Day Profile.

Kadarius Smith Signing Day Video

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 75 pancakes over 100 knockdowns
COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Airforce, Louisiana-Monroe, New Mexico, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, Texas State, and Texas Tech
SIDE NOTE: Really likes playing videogames. 
AUDIBLE: “I’m relieved. There were a lot of schools trying to convince me not to go to SMU. So I’m glad I finally got to sign and be done with that.”

How Smith fits

They want him to play tackle so he’ll be playing the same position he did in high school. And oh yea, he was a beast in high school. SMU coaches keep telling their players, that every job is up for grab. With how  bad SMU’s offensive line is, if Smith is as good as he was in high school, he’ll probably get some snaps with the first team early. ?

What Smith brings

He is 6-2, 264 pounds and he’ll probably be bigger by the time the season rolls around. When he hits defenders, it’s like they got hit by a truck—he does not stop until they are lying flat on their back.  It is ridiculously fun watching him eat defenders and put them into the ground. 

What to Expect Freshman Year

Like I said, pretty much every position is there for the taking. If you can prove you’re better than the guy in front of you, this coaching staff won’t ignore it. They want the best players on the field. Smith has the size, he has the motor to go out and earn a spot on the line. 

Career Expectations for Smith

If he can meet expectations and be a consistent presence on either end of the line, it would be a welcome change. SMU’s offensive line troubles have been horrendous, but perhaps Smith will be a success. I can see him getting a little bigger too (which given how strong he is, is something absolutely terrifying to imagine). Could easily be (at least) a three year starter.

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