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2016 SMU Offensive Signing Class Breakdown

Billy breaks down SMU's 2016 signing class on the offensive side of the ball.

Offensive MVP: Brandon Benson

Benson is an absolute stud at receiver and will make plenty of SMU fans happy when he's able to come in and contribute right off the bat. Benson has the speed to get down the field and compete for balls thrown down the field. He'll need to put on a little weight to take the hits over the middle that receivers could take, but overall, Benson is one of the gems in this class for Chad Morris. He's a winner and right off the bat he'll be able to come in and contribute at the 2 and 5 man receiver positions.

Runner-Up: Jacob Todora

Todora and Kadarius Smith were right there for this one, but I just like Todora's game a little more. Smith can absolutely wear opponents down, but in terms of balance right now, Todora brings it. He's solid in pass protection and can really make his buck in the ground game, where his long arms allow him to lock on to players early and not let them go. His senior film is very impressive and I'm shocked he didn't pick up even more attention than he already did.

Sleeper: Harrison Barton
Gabe Brooks / SCOUT

Barton is one of the smartest players in this class and I love that SMU is going to put him at center. With Taylor Lasecki departing, there's a big void there and Barton might have a shot at the starting job right off the bat. It'd be a lot to ask, but with Barton's academic reputation, he could pick up the playbook quickly. He might need to put on additional weight to be ready to go, but that's something he could do in his first summer at SMU possibly.

Project Player: Ryan Becker

This kind of goes without saying in a way because if you see Becker as an offensive lineman at SMU, he'll take some time to develop. Becker needs to get much bigger, but he's got a great frame, long arms and quick feet. That all bodes well for a tackle. As Becker does get bigger, his opportunities to play will get more real. Until then, he's got to strap the feed bag on because he's got around 40 pounds to gain at least before that happens.

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