Jordan Carmouche SMU Signing Day Profile

Billy breaks down SMU signee Jordan Carmouche in his National Signing Day Profile.

Jordan Carmouche Signing Day Video

COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Arkansas and Illinois
SIDE NOTE: Carmouche played running back until after his sophomore year at Manvel. He then switched over to linebacker to help the team. Now, he'll try his luck at running back again at SMU.
AUDIBLE: "I was stuck between the two so I was basing it off of which coaching staff was talking better at the in-home. SMU brought their head coach, position coach and all that. Illinois didn't bring all that so I knew SMU wanted me more."

How Carmouche Fits

SMU was looking for a bigger back to add to this class and they got that with Jordan Carmouche. Carmouche is expected to start off at running back and get every chance to earn playing time there. He hasn't played running back in a couple years so a move back to linebacker is possible, but for now, Carmouche is SMU's new big back.

What Carmouche Brings

Carmouche brings a physical presence on the field. While he's got to get going as a running back again, Carmouche is extremely physical. Either side of the ball, that should translate.

Expectations for Freshman Year

As far as SMU's group of big backs go, it's Carmouche and Prescott Line so I see a scenario working out that will find Carmouche on the field early in some situations especially if he can help in pass protection.

Career Expecatations for Carmouche

I eventually see Carmouche over on defense, but for SMU's sake, if they're able to find their Wayne Gallman like Morris did at Clemson, this offense just got scary good. Carmouche isn't the No. 3 linebacker in Texas for nothing. 

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