Jacob Todora Signing Day Profile

Billy breaks down SMU signee Jacob Todora in his National Signing Day Profile.

Jacob Todora Signing Day Video

COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Kansas, Nevada, Navy, Illinois, Indiana and others.
SIDE NOTE:After his ninth grade year, Todora grew from about 6-foot, 190 pounds to 6-3, and 250 pounds in a matter of two months, he said.
AUDIBLE: "Just the coaching staff and it really felt like family to me. It felt like I belonged there and they made me feel like I belonged there."

How Todora Fits

SMU loves offensive linemen that can get out and move while having a nasty streak. Todora has just that and will only get better as he gets stronger and bigger. SMU likes linemen that can be versatile and play anywhere along the offensive line. 

What Todora Brings

The nastiness that Todora brings out on the field is going to be crucial to changing the identity of the program that Morris is trying to do. The Academic All-State and National Honor Society member will also bring a solid work ethic to the building and a desire to get better everyday. Todora started all four years on varsity so while his experience isn't at the college level, he's got some experience under his belt.

Expectations for Freshman Year

With Kris Weeks graduating, Chad Pursley having to fight for his job at left tackle, and Chauncey Briggs moving inside, Todora might find himself battling for time at tackle with Bryce Wilds. I expect Todora to get some significant looks at tackle if not play right away. Even though SMU would like to redshirt linemen, Todora has the size to be ready for early playing time.

Career Expectations for Todora

This is a kid that should absolutely be a multiple year starter for SMU. With the turnover on the offensive line from this past year, it's not out of the question for Todora to get a shot his first year on campus at playing time. It's okay if that doesn't happen. Todora is versatile and has the long arms coaches love in a tackle. The No. 12 ranked guard in Texas by Scout is expected to eventually end up at tackle after some discussion as to he should be a guard. In SMU's power run scheme, Todora is a perfect fit.

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