2017 Lake Travis tackle talks SMU visit

Billy talked with 2017 Lake Travis offensive tackle Brenden Jaimes about his SMU visit and recruitment.

2017 Lake Travis offensive tackle Brenden Jaimes had taken in an SMU visit before, but the junior day trip a few weeks ago blew him away.

"It went really well. I was very impressed. They took us around the campus. I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun," Jaimes said. 


Jaimes visited SMU for a game this season, but the campus really stood out this time around when he got to tour them more.

"It was the freshmen dorms. It was really close to everything you needed as a freshman. It's close to the football facility, the gym, your classes and most importantly, the cafeteria," Jaimes said.

Jaimes talked with Chad Morris, Jess Loepp and Dustin Fry throughout the visit and they all had a lot of the same things to say.

"They were looking forward to seeing me again and they were glad I was out there. They said I could have been doing a lot of other things on my Saturday, but I choose to come up and visit and talk with them, which they were grateful for. They said to keep working hard and that they care about me. I can really trust them as a coaching staff with what they'd do with me."

Morris, Loepp, Jaimes and his family all met at the end of the day in Morris' office and talked more about the program's future, which includes additional facility upgrades - a big part in Jaimes decision.

"He just told me some things that really impressed me. I enjoy him a lot. He's a good coach," Jaimes said. "They said that they're redoing the turf, which will be a nice add-on. I'd say that's pretty important. You're going to spend most of your time there and put in most of your work. That's pretty important."

Fry and Jaimes continue to develop a bond outside of football as the pair develop a relationship.

"Same thing with coach Loepp. It's not always football. We talk about how my family and his family is doing. We talk about his football career too. It's a good time."

The Lake Travis tackle said that finding out about all the new improvements was a huge deal for him and the campus reminded him of home.

"We got to see the locker room and try on jerseys, which is cool. The indoor facility with a full field is going to be really cool and along with that, new locker rooms and stuff like that. Just how nice the campus was. I really enjoyed taking the tour of campus because it reminded me a lot of home. It's close to home, which is nice to take a 3-hour drive and go home on weekends."

SMU, Texas State, Baylor, and Texas are all pushing Jaimes pretty hard right now to visit. Jaimes will make it out to a spring practice with a focus on watching the coaches in action.

"I want to see how they coach and what their style is. It'll be fun."

Expect a decision before the summer as Jaimes wants to be committed before his senior season begins.

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