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2017 Skyline point guard "loves" Larry Brown

Hatts talked with 2017 Skyline (Tex.) point guard Marcus Garrett about his recruitment and SMU interest.

After an impressive junior season, 2017 Skyline HS point guard Marcus Garrett has seen his recruitment take off in recent weeks. 

“Recruitment has really picked up for me and it’s going very well right now, I picked up a Virginia Tech offer so it’s really going well,” Garrett said. 

One school that has been a constant for Garrett however has been SMU, as the relationship between coach Brown and Garrett continues to get better and better. 

“It’s really developed good, they showed that they want me and they like my game, I’ve been on a lot of unofficial visits, I’ve been to a lot of their basketball games and I love Larry Brown,” Garrett said, “It’s history but then when I watched him coach, he doesn’t just yell at guys, he picks them up too.”

Brown and Garrett have had the chance in recent weeks to chat about Garrett’s game, Brown’s system, as well as, the history of the school. A key aspect of their relationship is former NBA guard Allen Iverson.  

“He really has just been telling me about the type of offense he runs and how he loves point guards and loves the pick and roll and that he runs a lot of pick and rolls in his offense and he tells me about the school, its history, and that he wants me basically,” Garrett said before detailing how much coach Brown’s history means to him, ”Yeah, the main one is my favorite point guard is Allen Iverson.”

The 6-5, 175-pound guard has taken in a couple of games at Moody this season with one of those being SMU’s come from behind win over Cincinnati. The crowd and the way they stuck with the team throughout the game blew Garrett away. 

“It meant a lot, when they got down their fans didn’t start booing them and stuff they stayed with them throughout the whole game, I like that,” Garrett said, “They didn’t give up, they all played hard.”

It’s been a tough year for SMU with a couple of players leaving the program and a postseason ban, but Garrett has been impressed with the way the players have conducted themselves. 

“I know they’ve been through a lot and been in a little bit of trouble with that incident they had but it seems like that hasn’t affected them because they are still playing like they can go to the tournament,” Garrett said.  

There are currently no leaders for Garrett however he does have offers from Virginia Tech, Kansas, Texas, UTA, SMU, VCU, Kansas State, Oregon, Richmond and Middle Tennessee. After his season however, Garrett does plans to take visits to Oregon and Texas. 

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Garrett on the recruiting trail but it’s been an even better season for the talented guard who’s team enjoyed 30-2 regular season and is getting ready to play Westlake in the State Tournament. 

“I feel like I’ve led my team really, I feel like I’ve gotten my teammates open shots,” Garrett said, “I’ve picked and chosen when to attack and also gotten them open but when we run our offense I have them move to spots they can make the shots because it’s better than having them shoot somewhere where they aren’t comfortable.”

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