SMU Basketball 2015-16 Team MVP Picks

We're Captain Obvious, but Nic Moore is SMU's MVP from the 2015-16 hoops season. The staff breaks down why.

Billy: Nic Moore

Who I picked for the AAC Player of the Year also happens to be SMU's MVP. It's not hard at all to see why either. Nic Moore was the spark plug that made SMU go as he has been the past few seasons. SMU will miss his clutch shooting, ability to take over a game down the stretch and to keep his teammates in check too. The development of Moore has been special to watch over the past couple of seasons going from a player that sparred with Larry Brown at times and struggled with foul trouble to a unanimous All-AAC first-team selection and reigning Player of the Year. This season, Moore was dealt a tough hand as his senior season would be about pride. While the team came up short in their bid to defend their AAC championship, Moore was without a doubt the MVP. Stats verify it, but any SMU fan could tell you right away who the MVP was if you watched a few games this season. Moore will be missed and now the question is, who will pick up the slack?

Scott: Nic Moore

Moore’s stat line barely changed from last year, but that’s what made him SMU’s most valuable player the last two seasons.  While averaging 16.1 points and 5.2 assists, the Illinois State transfer also shot 41 percent from behind the arc and 42 percent from the field overall.  Moore showed up to every game with the same aggression, poise and heart, which made him the most dangerous player in the AAC yet again.  The point guard is not only a great basketball player, but also a great leader in the locker room.  And when asked to do so much by one of the greatest coaches of all-time, all Moore did was answer Coach Brown’s challenges and encourage his teammates to do the same.  

Patrick: Nic Moore

This one is not very difficult. Some like to think there is a difference between a team's best player and most valuable player. I don't believe those are separated. In SMU's case, it doesn't really matter. Nic Moore is SMU's best player and most valuable player. He's the undisputed leader, go-to scorer and "9-1-1 call" when SMU needs to start scoring. His shooting and passing were always his strengths, but his defense and his aggressiveness going to the rim to score also improved. He's one of the best players in school history. No matter how good his likely replacement is, a player as valuable as Moore is a rarity and is missed on any team. That's not any slight at Shake Milton, but a testament to Moore's importance to SMU.

Hatts: Nic Moore

Ben Moore and Sterling Brown both had seasons they can be proud of and will likely be battling for this award next year, but this season was all about what Nic Moore was able to do for this team. Whether it was on the defensive end with 39 steals and even his three blocks, and on the offensive side where he averaged just over 16 points and five assists per game. The 5-9 senior didn’t always start games the fastest this past season but once it got to crunch time he was there time and again to put games away or help SMU get on a run with a couple of quick threes. Coach Jankovic brought it up before senior day and he was dead right, Nic Moore was far and away the most competitive player on this team but used that to develop into a tremendous leader. Yes there were a couple of games they were flat, and they probably did run out of gas but there was no doubt that Nic Moore was the driving force behind their empowered start. Moore led this team through a very rocky situation with Keith Frazier and the suspension of coach Brown, and this ultimately was just as important as his on the court contributions which were stellar in their own right. What Moore was able to do this past season was a fitting end to a tremendous career at SMU. 

Demo: Nic Moore

It's hard to pick anyone other than NIc Moore as this team's MVP. More than 16 points a game, 41 percent from 3-point range, 42 percent from the floor, 80 percent from the line and 152 assists for the season. For three season's Moore has been SMU's go-to and everyone knew it. Opponents would through all kinds of defensive schemes to try and neutralize him, and force someone else to beat them. Still, somehow, Moore always found ways to get the ball when he needed to, and when SMU needed a big shot, there was no one else you wanted taking it other than Moore. The Past three seasons have been so memorable, and Moore has absolutely everything to do with that.  

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