2017 quarterback loves his SMU family

Billy talked with 2017 Corsicana quarterback Kishawn Kelley at The Opening about his SMU visit.

2017 Corsicana quarterback Kishawn Kelley was at The Opening at Coppell High School to prove that he is one of the best of the best and took time to talk about his SMU interest too.

"It's real good. Made me feel real good and like I'm one of the best of the best. Just wanted to come out here and compete, be competitive and give it my all," Kelley said. "Most people really don't know Kishawn so I'm trying to get my name out there to show them that I can do it. Just showing that I am a dual threat quarterback and that it's my position."


While Oklahoma State is also showing interest and Kelley has visited, SMU is standing out.

"SMU. That's my top dog. Oklahoma State is coming along, but SMU, that's who I'm really looking at."

On his SMU visit, Kelley said the atmosphere is driving his interest in SMU.

"I loved the atmosphere. I love the family atmosphere and it's just like home. That's where I'm really leaning towards."

The SMU staff wants Kelley to keep staying in touch so both sides can build a relationship over the recruiting process.

"They just told me to stay in touch with them to build that relationship with them. I talked to coach Mathis the other day so everything has been really going well with them," Kelley said. "I talked to coach Morris last week and Craddock on Friday."

Morris, Craddock and Mathis are all building a relationship with Kelley, who says that process is getting better and better.

"It's just building. It's building every day and every time we talk so it's going pretty good. That's (Mathis) the one that recruited me and I talk to everyday."

Kelley plans to visit SMU in the next couple weeks and says a decision will likely come when he's there next and the reason is simple.

"The family. It don't get better than that."

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