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2017 Arp running back likes tempo at SMU spring practice

Hatts talked with 2017 Arp running back Kayce Medlock about his visit to SMU for spring practice and prospect day.

Following up his junior day visit in early February, 2017 Arp HS (Tex.) running back Kayce Medlock was back on campus this past weekend for another visit to see his good friends Aphonso Thomas and Kevin Johnson, as well as, take in a practice. 

“I liked it down there, got a few buddies down there that told me to come check them out and see how they were doing, chatted it up with them, I liked it down there,” Medlock said, “They’re improving.”

The 5-9, 186-pound running back loved getting to take in a practice and couldn’t believe the tempo the whole session moved at. 

“I couldn’t believe it, that was my first time watching a college team practice, I was just excited just into it, learning the new skills like agility and footwork,” Medlock said, “I liked it, I talked to coach Mathis and said what’s up and hollered at coach Morris.” 

Both coaches stressed to Medlock that the team was continuing to get better day by day as practices got going. 

“They just told me that they’re getting better everyday and that they’re working for something they really want to get, just told me the team is getting better,” Medlock said.

The Arp running back enjoyed seeing how coach Mathis coaches the running backs including how he is quick to correct them when they are making any sort of mistake. 

Medlock has also been impressed with the pictures he has seen of the facilities so far and has been impressed with the facilities as a whole. 

“I love it, they’re really nice I really like the locker room, like the football field, and can’t wait to see this new indoor practice field they’re getting,” Medlock said, “I know it’s going to look nice, they really haven’t said much to me about it just showed me pictures of what it is going to look like.” 

Medlock said he will be returning for the spring game next month and will be paying close attention to the atmosphere surrounding the game and the chemistry of the team. 

“I’m going to be looking at the atmosphere, team chemistry, leadership, if the team is going to drop their head and that type of thing,” Medlock said. 

Medlock currently has offers from SMU, Tulane and Louisiana Lafayette and plans to make a decision this upcoming summer. 


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