2017 quarterback picks up SMU offer

Billy talked with 2017 College Station quarterback Ty Brock and talked about his SMU offer and recovery from injury.

2017 College Station quarterback Ty Brock is still working hard to get back to 100 percent following an injury that cost him his entire junior season, but grabbed an SMU offer last week when Justin Stepp reached out to him asking him to call him.

"I actually met coach Stepp earlier this year and he said I was high on SMU's list and they were looking forward to seeing me recover from my injury. Last week, I was at school about to work out and coach Stepp had me call him and he put me on with the offensive coordinator and coach Craddock went ahead and offered," Brock said. "They were excited to offer me and I even got to talk with coach Morris so it fired me up."

Stepp continues to build a relationship with Brock, who likes Stepp's enthusiasm, and is impressed with the coaching staff and what they're doing at SMU so far.

"Talking with other recruits, they like what SMU is doing and we feel like they're building a good program. I'm actually coming up for junior day this Saturday so hopefully I'll get a better feeling for the campus and the coaching staff. I want to get to know them personally and see the facilities."

SMU's offense is something Brock would be comfortable with as it's similar to what he does at College State already.

"I actually watched Houston vs. SMU this year and it's a lot similar to what we do here. Lot of shotgun, zone-read and throwing it down the field so I like that. I'm really comfortable with that."

The coaching staff likes the toughness Brock has showed and the limited film he has so far.

"They like the fact that I came off an injury faster than we thought I would. The doctor said it'd take a year and now just seven months after the injury, I'm back. They really liked the film from last spring and sophomore year," Brock said. 

Brock had three linemen roll up on his legs and broke both of his legs that kept him out of his junior season, but Brock says that has made him stronger and more prepared. The 6-4 quarterback has gotten back up to 188 pounds this week after getting out of the hospital at 165 pounds. 

"Come in and be a leader by example. I'm a big proponent of being the first guy on and last guy off. Coming off such a traumatic injury, I think I'm pretty tough. I think I'm ready for the next level because of that."

On Sunday, Brock competed in The Opening and was selected as one of the four quarterbacks to compete in the pressure cooker competition at the end of camp.

"I felt really good about my performance. I got selected as one of the top four guys and got to compete at the end. I had coaches coming up to me all day asking who I was and what my back story was. I definitely performed pretty well," Brock said. "It's a once in a lifetime deal and I was just happy to get out there and compete. It's some of the best receivers going against some of the best defensive guys."

Brock would like to have a decision date decided on after he goes through spring ball. Brock is looking to find the school that best fits his academic wants with a solid football program. Houston, Louisiana-Monroe and McNeese State have offered. Texas A&M, Utah, Washington and Oklahoma State are some of the schools to show interest.

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