2017 Plano East quarterback grabs SMU offer

Hatts talked with 2017 Plano East quarterback Miklo Smalls about his SMU offer and visit.

2017 Plano East HS (Tex.) quarterback Miklo Smalls made the short drive up from Plano last week to come take in a practice at SMU, but after a couple talks with the coaching staff he walked away from the day with an offer. 

“I’m extremely happy that I got that offer it is very close to me, I went to their junior day and we met all the coaches and toured all the facilities that they had, took a small tour,” Smalls said, “It was the second one. I had I went on a mini one earlier and we watched practice. I liked a lot of what I saw, coach Morris I see how the people buy in to what he’s saying so I see the potential of SMU being great.”


Smalls spent much of the day with SMU offensive coordinator Joe Craddock and followed that up with a meeting after practice with coach Morris.

“Me, him [coach Craddock] and my dad, who I came with went into the coaches office and we had a good talk, he said he liked how we communicated well and then he said we are going to work on building our relationship and that’s when I knew the process was really opening up,” Smalls said, “As I was leaving coach Craddock and coach Morris had me call them and that’s when we talked for a little bit and that’s eventually when it led to them saying we’re going to offer you.” 

The 6-2, 190-pound quarterback has enjoyed getting to build that relationship with coach Craddock but has also enjoyed seeing how he would fit into this offense after watching a few games of Matt Davis. 

“I’ve watched a couple games recently and our play styles are very similar and fits into that offense very well of course he’s a starter,” Smalls said, “I run well just like him, I pass, I could see myself fitting in there as well.” 

Coach Morris’ history also has a strong place for Smalls who knows what kind of success he had in high school and at Clemson, and has actually made him feel stronger about SMU after Morris decided to head there. 

“He came from a great program and he’s trying to start something new at SMU so someone who had the guts to come from a great program to another program and try to build up another program as great as he is that makes me want to go there because if he has faith in that then I have faith in him automatically and all the coaches speak highly of him,” Smalls said. 

The Plano East quarterback also has offers from Rice and Colorado State and while he maintains he is not ready to publicly say who his favorite is, there is a favorite amongst his list of schools. 

What is known however is what Smalls is looking for in a school, and it ranges from location to academics to the performance on the field. 

“How good are the coaches how long are they going to be there, the direction and potential that they have to do more than what they have and be better, second is location, I would prefer to stay close to home but the best fit for me will be the best fit for me wherever it is but I would like to stay home,” Smalls said, “Third I’d like to be around a group of athletes that could help me get to the next level and we could feed off each other, the potential of SMU is immense it could be a great program in the next few years having all the young players playing talented players and I just want to play with a bunch of guys that are at the same level.”

Smalls will not be up at SMU this weekend due to the ACT, but he was adamant he will be back as much as possible including next weekend for SMU’s spring game. 

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