2018 Waco Midway quarterback talks SMU visit, offer

Billy talked with 2018 Waco (Tex.) Midway quarterback Tanner Mordecai about his SMU visit and offer.

SMU already has a Waco (Tex.) Midway quarterback on the roster in Ben Hicks, but offered 2018 quarterback Tanner Mordecai while he visited SMU for a spring practice. All of that came about pretty quickly, but Mordecai was "extremely excited" to earn his first offer.

"They just watched my film Wednesday and then Friday night they asked if I could come up. I came up and I talked to coach Morris and coach Craddock and they offered me," Mordecai said. "They said they liked what they saw on the film with how I could run and pass."

The 6-2, 190-pound quarterback talked with Morris and Craddock, who started by selling Mordecai on the positives with playing at SMU.

"They told me what it was like to be to be quarterback at SMU and what the school is like."

Hicks congratulated Mordecai on the offer, but hasn't said too much yet about what it's like at SMU. Mordecai got to take in quarterback meetings before practice and got a feel for the offense and how he'd fit.

"I sat in one of the quarterback meetings. I've been running the spread at Midway and that's what they run, which is up-tempo. I like that," Mordecai said. "I sling the ball a bit, I'm very competitive, and I like to win."

The visit to SMU got solid reviews from the young signal caller, who will enter his second season as starter next year.

"It was a crazy feeling. I was extremely excited. It (the visit) was awesome. I walked around the facilities and talked with the coaches. I love the coaches and how they ran practice. Coach Craddock is young and has a lot of energy. He brings that out. I like how the quarterbacks ran through their practice. It looks like they're having a lot of fun."

Mordecai will visit Houston for their spring game, but hasn't been hearing from other schools just yet.

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