Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott breaks down three SMU 2017 quarterback prospects in the return of the Sanford Scouting Reports.

2017 QB Miklo Smalls

Plano East Sr. HS (Plano, TX)

The Good: Smalls is another athletic quarterback the Mustangs have offered, but you will see him look to pass first more often than run.  The athlete is still quite athletic and fast, however, and can escape from pressure from the defensive front.  The Plano East productive does a good job of being vocal when under center.  Whether he’s calling out blocks or audibling at the line of scrimmage, Smalls makes a read confidently and sticks with it.  Smalls also shows good decision-making skills and has nice touch on the ball.  

Needs Work: At less than 200 pounds, the quarterback could stand to add some more weight before getting to the next level.  On some balls, it’s apparent that Smalls could use a little more behind his throws. 

The X-Factor: In the end, it’s Smalls’ combination of good decision-making and athleticism that will set him apart from other quarterbacks.   He may not have the strongest arm, but his ability to find the open quarterback by going through his reads—or the open running lane—makes him a quarterback that can move the chains consistently.

Offers: SMU, Colorado State and Rice
HT: 6-2
WT: 198 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.73 (Scout Verified)
Miklo Smalls Highlights

2017 QB Will McBride

Clear Springs HS (League City, TX)

The Good: Watching McBride’s film, his style of play is similar to current Mustang Matt Davis.  The junior from League City has above average mobility and can avoid defenders if the pocket breaks down thanks to his overall speed and quick feet.  McBride is one of those quarterbacks that choses to run first a fair amount of the time, but he has the athleticism to back up his decisions.  When it comes to his arm, McBride has solid strength and accuracy.  When he squares up his shoulders, he is also able to show nice touch on his deep balls.  

Needs Work: The number one thing that stood out to me on McBride’s tape were the risks he regularly took.  Whether it was running like Michael Vick with the ball in one hand, or throwing across his body, McBride made some decisions that would give offensive coordinators heart attacks.  To be fair, the Clear Springs quarterback made the tough plays on a number of occasions, but that decision-making could come back to hurt him. 

The X-Factor: The quarterback’s best qualities are his athleticism, speed and play-making ability.  Without a question, McBride’s athleticism is something most quarterback’s dream of having.  Being able to escape pressure from any side of the pocket and still find his target are what make the quarterback a desirable option and nice fit in this SMU offense. 

Offers: SMU and Utah State
HT: 6-2
WT: 200 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.59 second (unofficial)
Will McBride Highlights

2017 QB Kamron Fields

Lakeview Centennial HS (Garland, TX)

The Good: At Fields’ size, he has the frame of a prototypical quarterback.  It also helps that he is yet another quarterback that has the mobility to add another dimension to his game and the offense he plays in.  In the pocket, Fields shows good feet and does a nice job of stepping into his throws after going through his reads.  He also has the ability to find the endzone with his feet because of his speed and athleticism.

Needs Work: Any quarterback has to take risks during a game, but there are times when Fields’ throws may be too risky.  In high school, the tough throws across his body or off of the wrong foot end up working most of the time—and sometimes they’re unavoidable—but they’re still throws he will want to try and avoid once he gets to the next level. 

The X-Factor: With a little added weight, Fields has the opportunity to turn into a well-oiled machine at the quarterback position.  Physically, he has already shown that he can handle himself in the pocket well, but his ability to make plays with his feet as well makes him even more dangerous.  

Offers: SMU and Iowa
HT: 6-3
WT: 185 pounds
Kamron Fields Highlights

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