George Ranch DE has SMU on top

Billy talked with 2017 George Ranch defensive end Toby Ndukwe about his SMU spring game visit.

2017 George Ranch defensive end Toby Ndukwe has SMU as his leader following his visit for SMU's Spring game, which impressed him especially his meetings with the coaches.

Buddy Wyatt, Van Malone and Chad Morris all sat down with Ndukwe and his parents to share their plan that they have for him at SMU if he were to come there.

"I got to talk with and meet more of the coaches more. It was what they like about me and what they like about recruiting me. They said I'd graduate in three and a half years, they said early playing time, and they already have a spot that they want me to play. It was everything I wanted to hear," said Ndukwe. "Coach Wyatt told me I'd be suited as a weakside defensive end and then as I get bigger and develop, move me to the strongside."

The relationship he has built with the coaching staff has been a large part of why SMU is high on Ndukwe's list.

"It's a really good relationship. I like the coaches. Coach Morris is a really good coach up there. Coach Malone is good and I watched him in the spring game. He really coaches his players well. Coach Wyatt and I sat down and went through film and everything I watch with him is on point. I like how he coaches the D-Line in general."

The SMU defense's ability to create some havoc for SMU's offense impressed Ndukwe, who could see himself being a part of the defense where he'd start at weakside end.

"They flew around and I saw some of the D-Ends have a couple pass blocks. The two interceptions they had really caught my eye. It's a good defense and one that I'd like to be a part of," the 6-3, 210-pound end said.

SMU defensive back signee Mikial Onu went on the visit with Ndukwe, who hears from Onu all the time about how SMU is interested in where Ndukwe is at in his recruitment. Onu has also been pushing Ndukwe to join him at SMU too.

"He keeps on me and tells me how he wants me to come up and be a part of the turnaround. He told me how the coaches are always talking about me when they're talking to him. He told me how the school and football team is really suited to me," said Ndukwe.

The three-star defensive end wants to see who else offers and then compare schools at the end of spring and decide. Ndukwe says he's comparing everyone to SMU including Cincinnati, North Texas, Colorado State and others who have offered. Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Texas Tech are showing interest.

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