2017 tight end Cade Brewer commits to SMU!

2017 Lake Travis Cade Brewer decided to become SMU's fourth commitment in the 2017 class Wednesday night!

2017 Lake Travis (Tex.) tight end Cade Brewer decided not to wait any longer to commit and on Wednesday night committed to SMU, making him the fourth commitment for SMU in the 2017 class, which is all offensive players currently. 

Brewer thought he'd wait until after the spring, but he decided to commit because he couldn't see other schools matching what SMU offered him.

"I'm pretty excited. I just thought there's no other place I could see myself at other than SMU. I just don't think anyone could beat it. It's the best situation for me and my family," Brewer said. "It's the best spot for me in that offense and coach Morris used to be here at Lake Travis so not much learning curve there. It's a great campus and I have a fun time up there."

When Brewer called Chad Morris, Morris let him know that as long as Brewer is committed, SMU won't be recruiting another tight end and he was echoed by the entire staff when he said he was excited to have him.

"Coach Morris was pretty excited. He wanted me to know that if I'm committed to them, they're committed to me. That means not going to any other camps or anything like that. He was mostly talking about how excited he was and he told me I was their No. 1 guy," Brewer said. "After I got off the phone, the whole coaching staff texted me and they seemed excited. I'm excited, they're excited. This is the best night in a while."

Defensive backs coach and Scout 2016 AAC Recruiter of the Year Jess Loepp built a strong relationship with Brewer recruiting him at Lake Travis and that was another reason why Brewer committed. 

"Me and him have a really strong relationship. It's probably the strongest out of any of the schools. We've been messaging since last summer and it's good having a strong relationship and it always will be. As it turns out, I'm going there now," the 6-3, 215-pound tight end said.

As far as his position, he'll be moved all over the SMU offense like he currently is now at Lake Travis.

"I play a similar role here at my offense in the high school so it's not much of a change for me. I love the offense that I'm in right now. Going to SMU, it's not much of a change from Lake Travis so that works well for me."

As long as SMU is still allowed to hold their camp scheduled at Lake Travis, Brewer will be there to see the staff and plans to make more trips this fall for games.

The tight end joins wide receiver Tyquez Hampton, offensive tackle Alan Ali and quarterback Will McBride in SMU's StangGang17.

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