SMU offers 2017 Louisiana quarterback

Hatts talked with 2017 Edna Karr (LA.) quarterback Aldon Clark about his SMU offer and recruitment.

After a junior day visit earlier this year, and a good talk with SMU offensive coordinator Joe Craddock, 2017 Karr HS (LA) quarterback Aldon Clark received his second overall offer from SMU last week. 

“I’ve been looking into them before I met the coach and the coaches I recognized had started to send mail home and everything and he was talking to the coaches asking about me,” Clark said, “Then I finally got the chance to show him my skills.” 

Clark got the opportunity to meet with the coaching staff and since then his relationship with coach Craddock has continued to grow.  

“For junior day, that was my first day going up there on their campus, I talked to the head coach but coach Craddock we really talk a lot,” Clark said. 

Clark came away extremely impressed with Craddock’s coaching ability after getting to see him in action for a day. 

“From what I see, he’s a really, really, really good coach, on junior day we sat in the quarterback meeting watching some film and he was correcting the quarterbacks on their steps and their drops and their reads and it really sounds like he knows what he’s talking about,” Clark said, “Everything just seemed so good.”

After getting to see the tempo everything around practice operates at, Clark sees a lot of similarity between that and his high school’s style. 

“The offense they’re very fast, they move fast and that’s how our offense moves we move fast,” Clark said, “If I choose the school I’m going to be pretty used to the tempo and everything because that’s what we do, there isn’t anything I don’t like about it, I like everything about it, everything they are showing me, I like it, I like everything about it.” 

Clark also plans to make it back to SMU sometime this summer for one of their camps but also plans to take a couple other visits over the summer. 

Currently Clark only has offers from Memphis and SMU but is hoping more will come through as the summer goes along. 

One big difference between SMU and Memphis for Clark he’s noticed already is the quality of the facilities. 

“Memphis I can say their weight room is more high schoolish but their fields are a step ahead of high schools, they don’t have nothing that I think compares to SMU,” Clark said before giving his assessment of SMU’s facilities, “They have everything that you would want, they have everything that you would need or want, the weight room was nice, they said they’re talking about getting a new one so I mean I don’t see what’s wrong with the one they have so I mean they just want to step it up a notch.” 

Clark was also impressed with SMU quarterback Matt Davis even though he didn’t get the chance to spend much time with him, he did, however, compare him to a draft hopeful.

“I never really got to meet him, I just got to see him practice one day he reminds of Dak Prescott the way he walks and the way he communicates on the field.”

Clark said his focus for this season is working on reading the field faster and just being able to do everything faster overall.  

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