2017 Texas PRO wing talks SMU interest, game

Billy talked with 2017 Texas PRO wing Jase Febres about his SMU interest and recruitment.

2017 Texas PRO wing Jase Febres wasn't able to play in his team's games in the adidas Uprising in Duncanville, Texas, but as he recovered from an injury, he did talk about his plans once he's back in the game.

"Just to show college coaches that I'm able to produce like high-major players and that there's more to my game than just shooting. I want to be able to drive and distribute to my team," Febres said. 

The Houston Westfield product has spent a lot of time trying to shake the thought that he's just a shooting and has spent plenty of time improving his dribbling as well as other parts of his game.

"Probably my dribbling. I've always been a spot-up shooter, but I've wanted to make different plays and get to the rim so that's been a major key in my recruitment. I want my passing to improve and have a higher IQ for the game and make correct decisions."

SMU, Rice, Boise State, Baylor, Kansas and Kansas State have been showing interest in Febres so far. Rice, UTEP and Boise State have offered.

"Rice has been on me a lot and academic-wise, that's always a good choice. Boise State, Sam Houston and Houston stand out too. I've also had a couple visits to Maryland and Georgetown. Gotta make sure I see everything before I make my decision. I need to make sure they have my major and have a good atmosphere too."

SMU assistant coach KT Turner has kept up from time-to-time with Febres as he continues to evaluate him. 

"He's just been telling me he's looking for me to improve and that he's always watching me so they're always watching even if they're not contacting you. He's very positive and always encourages me to do my best and be on the right track.

The Houston native would like to stay in Texas and while he's just beginning to dig into what SMU can offer, he says he's heard positive things and plans to visit.

"It's always good to stay close to home. I wouldn't prefer to leave Texas, but gotta keep my options open. I haven't heard too much from them, but they've stayed in contact with me. I've heard positive things about SMU. I need to look more into it, but I should go up and visit."

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