Pony Stampede Sanford Scouting Reports

Scott scouts three 2017 SMU targets in his latest Sanford Scouting Reports.

2017 WR Shamond Greenwood


The Good: Greenwood is one of those receivers that can do it call.  His combination of height and speed is a nightmare for defensive backs to deal with.  The junior doesn’t have a quarterback to lead him with their throws, but Greenwood does a good job of adjusting to throws mid-route, and regardless, his speed usually has him in a good position already.  The receiver’s hands are also impressive when it comes to hauling in passes that might be a little out of his zone.  Greenwood’s frame also allows him to get physical in matchups verse defensive backs, and his long legs make it easy for him to get out in front of defenses. 

Needs Work: The Garland native could use some work on his downfield blocking.  At the line of scrimmage, his long arms give him a nice advantage when blocking, but he needs to position himself better in open space to make blocks.

The X-Factor: There’s no doubt Greenwood’s combination of size and speed make him an immediate threat for any offense he plays in, and a critical red zone target that could make an immediate impact early on in his collegiate career.  His pure athleticism and ability to make defenders miss alone will scare opposing coaches.

Offers: SMU, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi State, Utah, New Mexico
HT: 6-3
WT: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.43 (Scout Verified)
Shamond Greenwood Highlights

2017 QB Aldon Clark


The Good: Clark has prototypical size for the quarterback position, and he has a strong arm to compliment that.  The junior stands tall in the pocket, shows active feet, and is able to deliver a strike while stepping into his throws nicely.  He may have the ability to run on most plays, but he does a good job of relying on his arm even when the pocket collapses.  His good footwork and pocket awareness allow him to escape the pressure when it gets too close.  He has also shown that he has good accuracy even once he’s out of the pocket and on the run.   Even though he looks to pass first, Clark still has the ability to score from anywhere on the field with his legs.  

Needs Work: While Clark has a strong arm, he also has an elongated delivery, which could hurt him when he needs to get the ball out in a timely manner.  He also consistently has a ton of air under his ball on his deeper throws.  It’s normally good to give his receivers time to run under the ball, but it also gives defenders a chance to catch up.  If he can find a middle ground, his throws won’t be sitting ducks at the next level.

The X-Factor: Dual-threat quarterbacks that look to pass first are hard to come by, and can be difference-makers at the next level.  Clark has the speed to make a difference with his feet, but he also has the brains and the throwing ability to beat defenses with his arm.  When he combines the two, Clark becomes a threat that defenses have to always worry about.

Offers: SMU and Memphis
HT: 6-3
WT: 210 pounds
Junior stats: 3,876 yards, 38 TDs, 12 rush TDs
Aldon Clark Highlights

2017 ATH Tyler Page


The Good: Page suits up for Friendswood as the team’s quarterback, but his athleticism will give him the opportunity to play on either side of the ball at the next level.   Page’s athleticism and style of play immediately remind me of a left-handed Collin Rock.   He has great feet and elusiveness to go along with his good vision.  When he’s running, whether it’s in the open field or in the backfield, you can tell Page has instincts that not every football player develops.

Needs Work: Page has the speed, but he needs to add some more size before getting to the next level.  Bulking up some will give him the opportunity to play multiple positions on both sides of the ball. 

The X-Factor: He may only play offense right now, but Page’s overall athleticism makes him an attractive recruit.  If he can add some weight while maintaining his speed and quickness, Page will turn into a contributor at the next level.

Offers: SMU, Virginia, Navy, Citadel 
HT: 6-0
WT: 180 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.49 (Unofficial)
Tyler Page Highlights

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