SMU first to offer 2017 Pearland DB

Hatts talked with 2017 Pearland cornerback Justin Guy-Robinson about his first offer from SMU.

2017 Pearland HS (Tex.) cornerback Justin Guy-Robinson had been waiting for his first offer to come in and was thrilled to receive the news last week that it had finally arrived in the form of SMU.

“It’s a blessing, that’s the first thing, and I’m really happy that they looked at me and saw something that other people haven’t yet so far ,so I’m glad I got the opportunity to talk to the coaches and get to know them,” Guy-Robinson said.

The 5-10 cornerback has been in touch with many of the coaches on the defensive side of the ball including coach Loepp, Van Valone and McDaniel in recent weeks. 

“I’ve been texting, since they can do that, I’ve been texting the coaches and defensive coordinator and secondary coach every day getting to know them and so they get to know me and we can build that relationship,” Guy-Robinson said. 

As part of the conversation, the SMU coaches have got to not only build a strong relationship with Guy-Robinson, but also his mom. The Pearland cornerback is excited to visit the campus in a couple weeks and get to see how it all comes together with the faculty and students. 

“They said they’re very family oriented and they got to talk to my mom, and my mom loves them a lot and if she loves them I got to look them out and going to the school I really want to get a feel for it, they said their classrooms are just like high schools there’s not that many kids there’s like 35 so I have the opportunity to talk to my teachers one on one if I don’t understand something and build a relationship with them as well,” Guy-Robinson said, “I also want to look at how the faculty and football team work together so it’s going to be a good experience.”

There’s also the hope that this offer gets the attention of some other schools but if not that is completely ok with him too. 

“I hope it does peak other colleges’ interest in me and in my ability and what I can do but if it doesn’t I would love to go to SMU, would love to, they’ve talked to me and talked to my parents,” Guy-Robinson said, “Also they’re fairly close it’s only a four hour drive my mom would be able to see me, I would be able to see her often so even if other colleges don’t see anything in me I’m going to go ball there and show them what’s up.”

Guy-Robinson wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he could commit after his visit in a couple weeks if it blows him away, but he also noted he would like to keep his options open as he continues to learn more about the school. 

“So far I really do want to be a part of their family and their program to build around it and hopefully go there and call that my home, I talked with my best friend yesterday he was asking me how I felt about SMU and I told him I really enjoy it I really want to go there I want to see everything and absorb it and he was saying he wished that he could go to SMU and play football with me and he brought up that,” Guy-Robinson said, “I talked with Debione Renfro about it and he said that he would take that into consideration because Debione says he wants to go to college with me and play football there, so he will take it into consideration so hopefully us three can go there and experience college football together and graduate together.”

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