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2018 A&M Consolidated athlete talks SMU offer

Billy talked with 2018 A&M Consolidated athlete Kolby Peel about his SMU offer.

SMU wide receivers coach Justin Stepp has been on a tear offering lately and the latest was 2018 A&M Consolidated athlete Kolby Peel.

“I went in early last week to practice and coach wanted me to come into his office. Coach Stepp wanted to talk to me on the phone and he told me that the coaches up there decided I was to be offered a scholarship. Of course, I was happy to hear that,” Peel said. “I was shocked. I had no idea because I never knew what a call meant and I had never had a call before. I was a little nervous, but I had a big smile on my face like any other kid would.”

SMU stopped by practice this week and watched Peel, who got to talk to Stepp over DM later.

“He wanted me to get up there for a camp this summer and it wasn’t about me working out up there, but just seeing the coaches and facilities. I’m definitely going to take it.”

Stepp interacting with other coaches out at Consolidated made a good impression on Peel too.

“He’s a high-energy guy. I saw him out there talking to other coaches and he kept a smile on his face and I enjoy talking to him.”

Peel said Stepp had a message for what he and Chad Morris’ staff wants SMU to be and that he could help make it happen.

“He’s just talking about how they’re trying to make that logo a thing and that I can make that possible,” Peel said. “To be a part of that program would mean something is what he told me.”

Peel visited this past year and while football is a great, he likes SMU’s academic reputation too.

“I knew a little bit. I went to a game this season. I had fun during that visit, but that’s all I know. Coach Stepp told me they’re real good academically and that’s always a plus to playing there,” Peel said. “Just being down around college players was different. I’ve never been near that. The energy level was completely different and I really enjoyed it.”

SMU sees Peel at safety and while he plays a little quarterback, Peel says that, “definitely won’t happen.” He’s one of the leaders on his team though without a doubt.

“I would just say I’m leading and I’m always trying to work on that and it’s something I do pretty well right now. Just trying to do whatever it takes to get my team better out there.”

From his safety spot, he likes contributing in run defense the most.

“I would say tackling. I like coming up and making run fits and being aggressive in the run game.”

Outside of SMU, Houston and TCU have shown a little interest in Peel, who totaled four interceptions last year, which helped his team reach the third round of the playoffs last year.

Peel said he doesn’t have any visit plans yet outside of SMU, but is looking for a comfortable environment at the next level.

“I like seeing people I can connect with and get to know. I like talking to people and feeling comfortable wherever I’m at.”

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