2017 Lake Travis quarterback Charlie Brewer commits to SMU!

Billy talked with 2017 Lake Travis quarterback Charlie Brewer about committing to SMU!

2017 Lake Travis quarterback Charlie Brewer thought SMU was the place for him for a while and a huge reason is SMU head coach Chad Morris. Thursday night, Brewer called Morris and committed to SMU.

“My relationship with him and I really wanted to play at the next level for him. It’s just a good fit and I fit in the offense well,” Brewer said. “It’s a great school and a great location. It’s where I saw myself going to school at.”


When Brewer called Morris, the pair talked football and Morris was excited to accept his commitment. With Morris coaching his brother, Michael, in high school, Brewer thought it was a natural fit. 

“I saw him coach my brother in high school. I grew up going to all the practices and games and watching them and how it worked out with so much success in high school,” the 6-1, 192-pound quarterback said. “Getting the opportunity to play at SMU for him would be pretty hard to pass up so I’m real excited to get to play for him.”

Brewer says after watching his brother get coached by Morris, he knows he has the best opportunity to succeed under Morris.

“Coach Morris played such a big part in the success my brother had in the game of football, and I'm excited to play for him. He is going to coach you hard and get the best out of you.”

Defensive backs coach Jess Loepp and offensive coordinator Joe Craddock also built relationships along the way with Brewer.

“Coach Loepp started recruiting me last spring ball so I’ve built a relationship with him and he was also at Lake Travis when my brother was there. I built a strong relationship with him,” Brewer said. “Coach Craddock came down to watch me in spring ball and visited a few times for summer camps and visits so I’ve gotten to build a relationship with all of them.”

The SMU offense is something that Brewer is comfortable running, since Lake Travis has run a version of Morris' spread for years.

“It’s something I’ve run all throughout high school so it shouldn’t be a big change for me. Obviously some things will be different, but it will be a lot of the same concepts. Coach Morris, Craddock and Loepp were excited that I’d be a pretty good fit for the offense.”

Brewer has a lot of family near SMU and that wasn't a deciding factor, but Brewer admits it will be special to play in front of so many family and friends.

“That’s pretty special to me knowing that every Saturday that my grandpa and grandma on both sides and aunts and uncles will watch me every weekend. That’s awesome, but everyone in my family put no pressure on me. It was my decision, but every time I visited, I felt at home and it’s a great education. It was a no-brainer.”

Brewer plans on graduating early, which will allow him to come in and begin to compete for SMU’s quarterback job. This summer, Brewer will take two online courses this summer to make it happen.

“After talking with coach Morris, that’s what he’d like me to do. I can get situated with the offense, learn the playbook, get bigger and stronger,” Brewer said. “It’ll be important. It’s a big reason why they’re having me graduate early is to give me an opportunity to come in and compete.”

Morris is leading a turnaround at SMU, which Brewer expects to be a big part of that.

“I’m really excited to be in a position to come in and help turn things around and get the program winning games. I’m going to come in and work hard to help this team win some games.”

Fellow Lake Travis teammate Cade Brewer has been committed to SMU for a few weeks and Charlie is excited to join his teammate at SMU.

"It's awesome. I've been best friends with him since kindergarten so it's really awesome we're gonna be teammates still in college at SMU. And he was really excited when I told him and so was I that I'm gonna still be throwing him the ball in college."

In SMU’s 2017 class, Brewer is the 13th commitment, second quarterback in the class and joins Lake Travis tight end and teammate Cade Brewer in the class.

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