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2017 Weatherford offensive lineman talks SMU offer

Billy talked with 2017 Weatherford offensive lineman Zack McKinney about his SMU offer.

2017 Weatherford offensive lineman Zacchaeus McKinney is relatively new to offensive line, but that hasn't stopped SMUHouston and Kansas from offering the 6-5, 270-pound offensive tackle. McKinney was offered by defensive line coach Keith Gunn and offensive line coach Dustin Fry.

"Coach Fry and I have talked a couple times. Coach Gunn told me that he and the offensive line coach were coming down to watch me so they came out one day and watched me practice and on film," McKinney said. "They liked what they saw and they said they'd love to have me and offered me. I was excited about it."

McKinney has been hearing from coach Gunn for about two months now before the staff decided to offer.

"It's somewhere my parents can come watch me. I haven't really talked to too many coaches, but coach Gunn has always been upfront with me and he's just a good dude. The honesty is something I always like," McKinney said. "He seems cool. He was telling me how he played and the league and I was just like wow. He's a really cool dude."

McKinney plans to make it to SMU for a visit to meet Chad Morris soon, where he plans to learn more about what the staff. He made it to SMU's spring game this year and was impressed with the offensive scheme.

"I like the tempo they ran and it was exciting with big plays. That's always good to see. I liked some of the schemes they ran," McKinney said.

While McKinney has just moved back to offensive line, where he's still developing, but is excited about his future at the position.

"I've played a little bit my sophomore year. They want me as an offensive lineman. I can see myself there and as coach says, I'm athletic and I can do it," McKinney said. "This spring I'm back in it. I'm pretty natural at it. It's a work in progress thing that I feel I can be extremely good at. Being in better shape will help me move better and have better stamina."

McKinney has been hearing from almost the entire Big 12 in addition to Texas A&M, Purdue, Georgia and Arkansas. McKinney doesn't have a timeline exactly on a commitment, but could pull the trigger on his visit if he feels right about it as SMU has only one spot left at offensive line.


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