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The Pony Stampede Hilltop Review 6/17

Come inside Pony Stampede's Hilltop Review with the latest SMU recruiting news and updates.

2018 athlete picks up SMU offer

By: Andrew Hattersley

Although he hasn’t yet spoken to the coaching staff, 2018 Cedar Hill HS (Tex.) running back Josh Fleeks was excited to hear through his high school coach he’d received his fourth overall offer from SMU. 

“I think SMU is a good school, it’s a great school,” Fleeks said, “He really said the coaching stuff was really good and it would be a good school for me if I can’t find anywhere I want to go.”

 Fleeks has been trying to get in touch with the SMU staff but hasn’t been able to yet however he hopes to make it to a game this upcoming season. 

“Not yet he had sent me his number and I called him but he didn’t answer but my coach said he wanted me to come visit one of those days so I’m going to go visit and go to a game or something,” Fleeks said. 

Although the process is just starting, Fleeks knows it’s a tremendous honor to be receiving interest from schools like SMU and Houston.

“It’s great when I got my first offer I didn’t know what to say like it was great like nothing else,”Fleeks said. 

As of right now, the 6-0, 167-pound back has offers from Houston, Illinois and Iowa State to go along with his offer from SMU. 

“I actually really like Houston, I think it would be a great school for me, I like their coach, really like their coach,” Fleeks said. 

Down the road when Fleeks does end up choosing a school, one of the main reasons will be the coach. 

“It’s really going to be the coach and the coaching staff, seeing how good I get along with the coaches,” Fleeks said. 

While he continues to focus on his own game as well, Fleeks said he is trying to work on his overall strength and weight. 

“Some of the the things that I’m working on is my strength and my weight,” Fleeks said, “Some of the things I do well is my speed and catching.”

2018 point guard grabs SMU offer
Kelly Kline

By: Andrew Hattersley

After a good showing in front of the SMU coaches, 2018 Oak Ridge HS (FL.) point guard Michael Devoe got word earlier this week he had received an offer from SMU. 

“I think it’s really big to get an offer from SMU and just for the coaches to give me an opportunity like that,” Devoe said.

For Devoe, it was an honor to receive an honor with still a couple years left in high school. 

“Definitely think it is a privilege to have an offer especially this early on especially a big time school like SMU in Dallas, I definitely want to visit it soon, thinking of taking an unofficial up there this summer,” Devoe said. 

The 6-2, 165-pound guard has had a good showing so far leading his squad to the Peach Jam tournament in July, and especially impressed the coaches earlier this year in Indy. 

“They told me they have been watching me in Indianapolis and a couple of the sessions in the Nike but I just talked to the assistant coach but I haven’t talked to any others,” Devoe said. 

Devoe doesn’t know much yet about SMU, but the name did catch his eye given that current NBA guard Emmanuel Mudiay was once committed to the school. 

“I know that Emmanuel Mudiay was committed there and I think that he was a great basketball player so for him to be committed there and for me to deserve an offer from them that means it’s big,” Devoe said, “They’re a really good team I’ve been watching them this year a couple games but that’s about it.”

Devoe was also excited about the potential opportunity to play under Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown. 

“He’s coached great point guards so for me to maybe be able to learn from him would be awesome, deserving an offer from him is great,” Devoe said. 

Devoe currently has offers from Miami, USC, UMass, St Louis University, Georgia, George Washington, TCU to go along with his new offer from SMU. 

2018 wide receiver visits SMU

By: Billy Embody

2018 Mesquite Horn wide receiver Maureese Wren made it out to SMU to take in a camp recently and came away impressed with the coaching staff, which gives him the confidence that SMU will be good for "years to come." 

"I really like the coaches. I know they're going to push their players to be the best they can be. I like the way he (Justin Stepp) was coaching up the players and cheering them on even when they messed up and things like that," Wren said. "I was watching James Proche and watching him teach the routes so I was taking notes off that."

Stepp and Chad Morris both talked to Wren about getting back to visit SMU more often. Jess Loepp and Van Malone also met Wren, who liked their energy.

"He (Stepp) was just telling me he was glad for me to be there and that he just wants me to come up and visit not even for camps, but just to visit a lot," Wren said. "He (Morris) seems like a very cool head coach and I know he wants me to come up and visit a lot."

The staff took him around to see some of the facilities and the local receiver liked the SMU weight room the most where Wren will work a lot on filling out his frame if he were to go to SMU.

"It was a good experience to go around and see the facilities. I really liked it. I really liked the weight room and how it was setup," Wren said. 

Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Washington State and Fresno State are all showing heavy interest in Wren, who says SMU is standing out the most early because of the coaching staff. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas will all get visits from Wren this summer.

This summer, Wren is working on rehabbing an ankle sprain and then will focus on improving his route running and making his cuts tighter.

Lincoln wide receiver visits SMU

By: Demetrio Teniente

An injured hamstring limited 2017 Lincoln wide receiver Devodric Bynum to just four games in his junior season.

Still, with limited reps, he still managed to garner enough attention to pick up some early offers as he prepares for his senior season.

As of this week, the 5-10.5, 167 pound wide out says he holds offers from Nevada, Illinois State, New Mexico, New Mexico State, SFA, UTSA, Air Force, Kentucky Christian, and SMU.

The Mustangs, were the first to offer Bynum back in September.  

“It felt really great to know that someone was watching me and wanted me to go their school,” he said. “Their coaching staff has really been good to me. They show a lot of interest and that means a lot to me.”

Recently Bynum mad an appearance at one of SMU’s camps, but didn’t participate.  

“I was just visiting because I had already attended a camp earlier that day,” he said. “I’m going to camp with SMU another time.”

Going to Lincoln, Bynum has had several opportunities to visit the Hilltop and says he enjoys being on SMU’s campus.

“Yea, that wasn’t my first time visiting SMU,” he said. “I have been there multiple times and will be back. I will be going to other camps too.  I just haven’t looked at all the dates [to know off hand]. And I did just come back from a Houston camp this week.”  

2018 offensive lineman picking up huge offers
Student Sports

By: Demetrio Teniente

On February 28 this year, 2018 Fort Bend Marshall offensive guard Barton Clement picked up his first offer from Texas A&M.  

“The first one was surprising,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting to get it right now. I was expecting to get offers closer to my senior year.”

The very next day he got his second one from Oklahoma.

“When you think about [it seems crazy],” Clement said. “I knew I was good, but I didn’t think I was that good to get offers that quick.”

Earlier this month Clement was supposed to go to SMU for a camp, but he missed it. His absence didn’t deter Chad Morris and the rest of 

SMU’s coaching staff though and they promptly reached out to Clement’s coach to offer the 6-2 304 pound guard.

“I don’t really know too much about SMU,” Clement said. “I still need to do my research on them. I really need to see how things go with [SMU] or really any school. If it is going good, I might go.”

Clement already has offers from schools like Auburn, Baylor, Houston, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU.  He says that the early interest has been nice, but it isn’t going to slow down his grind.  

“I still have a lot of things to prove,” he said. “It just drive me to keep improving and get better to get even more.” 

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