Local wing reclassifies, talks SMU relationship

Billy talked with 2017 wing Curtis Hollis about reclassifying, SMU and his recruitment.

Former Mansfield Summit wing Curtis Hollis decided this spring it was best to reclassify from 2016 to 2017 and the decision has resulted in him being able to improve his game and garner new interest from schools.

"It's actually been really good for me. I've been playing real well and I got the opportunity to play in the summer and AAU again. I've grown a lot and matured a lot," Hollis said. 


The biggest change has been his aggressiveness on the court and his team is also enjoying success with that.

"I've been more versatile and been less passive. I've been just able to play my game. We made Peach Jam and I've been able to play against the top players and I've been one of the top players so that's been good."

SMU, USC, TCU, Tulsa, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, La. Tech, Purdue and Auburn have all shown interest in one of the newest 2017 targets available. He hasn't picked up any offers yet as schools await his ACT scores.

"I had a couple classes I needed to take and my SAT/ACT score. I could have qualified, but I'm able to get that better now," Hollis said. "I'm also real young so I've been able to get better on the court so I had the opportunity to do it and I jumped on it. I get to train a lot more."

KT Turner has been recruiting Hollis for SMU for a few years now and the pair has a great relationship, which is built on being able to talk about anything, not just basketball.

"He's always been recruiting me. It's just been getting better and better. We talk a lot."

The 6-6, 185-pound wing said that TCU, USC and Tulsa are standing out with their staffs working the hardest right now.

"TCU just got a new coaching staff and they're looking to win right now and I've always wanted to play somewhere where we win. Plus, it's in the Big 12, one of the best basketball conferences," Hollis said. "With USC, their offense is great and I feel like I could fit into the offense well. They have some great facilities. They take care of their players and the coaches are great. With Tulsa, they've got a great head coach with a good offense and it's also a good education there."

Hollis visited TCU and USC lately and plans an SMU visit this summer as well. He doesn't have a timeline for a decision though.

"I want a good coaching staff and to feel like I'm at home. I also want to play right when I'm a freshman so I'm really looking at that stuff with who they have at each position and stuff like that."

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