2017 Louisiana quarterback updates recruitment

Hatts talked with 2017 Edna Karr (LA.) quarterback Aldon Clark about SMU and his recruitment.

Thing have been going along smoothly for 2017 Edna Karr (LA.) quarterback Aldon Clark as he gets ready to make his decision in a couple of weeks. 

“Everything has been going good, I’m building a better relationship and I’ll be going up there July 24,” Clark said, “I’m planning on narrowing my list, I’m planning on making my decision soon, It’s just like I’m narrowing down my list.”

Clark has been in pretty frequent contact with coach Craddock as well as coach Morris as he continues to get a better feel of the offense. 

“Well I mean they talk with me a lot about how I’m a good fit for the offense and I’ve seen the offense they like to run a spread, quick offense they like to move the ball around, and they work fast, they work really fast,” Clark said.

For Clark, the biggest thing his decision will come down to is a gut feeling on where is the right place for him to spend the next four years but it will be largely a gut based decision. 

“Just the feeling in my heart, it might just feel like the right place for me if I go up there with this feeling and what my heart tells me and my relationship with the coaches and really wants to be and I’ve always heard this quote,’Go where you wanted and not where you want to go.’” 

Clark will not be making any sort of a commitment no matter how well the visit goes as he would like to go over the decision with his parents first. 

“No I’ll be coming back down to talk it over with my parents then make a decide on a good decision,” Clark said.

Although it will be largely a decision based on where he is feeling, Clark will have three important factors that will ultimate make the difference for him. 

“Trust, belief and really the feeling,” Clark said. 

With a decision looming, the talented Louisiana quarterback plans to ask a lot of questions when he is on his visit to get a sense of whether SMU is a good fit for him or not. 

“I’m going to ask a lot of questions with education and stuff and again I’m just going to look for that feeling, if the feeling feels right then who know what will happen,” Clark said. 

The three schools currently in consideration for Clark are SMU, Louisiana Lafayette and Arkansas State. 

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