Matt Visinsky

Did SMU make the cut for Big 12 expansion talks?

The Big 12 Conference made cuts to its list of candidates this week and now Pony Stampede has learned if SMU has made the cut. Find out inside.

According to a report by, the Big 12 Conference has narrowed down potential expansion schools to a "preferred list" of six to eight schools, comprising mostly of American Athletic Conference schools, plus BYU. 

Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis and Connecticut plus two other AAC schools and BYU are the ones named by The Media Guides. SMU and Tulane are the two likeliest schools, but being private, the schools can keep this process closer to the vest. East Carolina announced the school was no longer a candidate this morning.

SMU cannot comment on the expansion talks as the Big 12 had schools sign non-disclosure agreements. One source close to the process did confirm that SMU is still in the running for the Big 12 to Pony Stampede.

According to The Media Guides, there's a chance that the Big 12 tables expansion talks for a year, but Bob Bowlsby must move forward with an elimination process ahead of the Big 12 Presidents meeting in October.

The potential for a vote on expansion candidates is there as Bowlsby will listen to presentations sometime in the next two to three weeks and then make recommendations from there.

Stay tuned to more from Pony Stampede on the ongoing Big 12 expansion talks.

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