Pony Stampede Hilltop Review Oct. 7

Come inside another edition of the Pony Stampede Hilltop Review with the latest SMU recruiting and team updates.

2018 Oklahoma wide receiver liking SMU

By: Andrew Hattersley

After receiving an offer from SMU in February, 2018 Jones HS (Tex.) wide receiver Sean Shaw continues to build a relationship with the Mustangs. 

“We have a pretty good connection so far I mean, they came down to watch some of my practices early on, I went up there for a visit during the spring, it’s just stayed really tight since,” Shaw said. 

Earlier this year, Shaw received a received a photo of the Dallas Skyline reading “Ball in Big D” from coach Morris himself, which Shaw kept as his wallpaper for an extended period before tweeting the photo out Wednesday.

“I love things like that, I find it really cool,” Shaw said, “I had it as my wallpaper for a long time and it made me really happy to see it, coach Morris sent it to me himself.”

One of the things Shaw has sighted as most important to him, is to feel like a family with the coaching staff. This is something he feels is happening with SMU coaches Jess Loepp, Justin Stepp and Joe Craddock. 

“Since March it’s gotten a lot better, I feel really close with them,” Shaw said, “Right now they treat me a lot like families should be treated so we’ll see how it goes.” 

Shaw is working on taking another visit up to SMU to get a better sense of their game day atmosphere, as well as, learn more about the team. 

“How the atmosphere is down there, the family, how the players are and all that just mainly the atmosphere in the locker room, on the sideline and on the field,” Shaw said. 

The Oklahoma native has enjoyed watching SMU early on this season, especially SMU’s big-time wide receiver Courtland Sutton. 

“I love to watch Courtland play he’s one of my favorite receivers right now in college,” Shaw said. 

Currently, Shaw only has offers from Kansas and SMU, but is continuing to work on all aspects of his game as he looks to drum up more attention. 

“Working on more speed, trying to keep my routes crisp, working on blocking, helping out other teammates and being unselfish.”

Mesquite wide receiver talks SMU interest, recruiting

Maureese Wren (© Greg Powers)

By: Andrew Hattersley

2018 Mesquite Horn HS (Tex.) wide receiver Maureese Wren is hearing a lot from SMU lately, including receiving a birthday wish from the staff recently.  

“It meant a lot, I’ve definitely never had that before so it actually got to me a little bit,” Wren said. 

His relationship continues to develop with SMU receivers coach Justin Stepp as well with the two keeping in contact over text. 

“We actually have a really good relationship that is probably going to grow in the future,” Wren said. 

Wren says he has been hearing from Washington, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas and Notre Dame, in addition to SMU, but one of those schools has peaked his interest. 

“I mean I’m kind of interested in Texas so that would probably be one of those schools,” Wren said. 

Wred cited the crowd and offense as his reasons for being interested in Texas, but has also enjoyed his interactions with the SMU fans he’s met. 

“Their offense and really when I watched their home games it seems like really ecstatic over there too,” Wren said, “I know that SMU has some really good fans because I’ve talked to some of them, and I know it isn’t going to compare to Texas, Texas is huge.”

The 6-3, 210-pound receiver has high hopes for SMU as well if they can stay with what they have been doing lately. 

“I think SMU is going to be a really good program later on in the future if they keep on adding pieces to the team,” Wren said. 

SMU is currently the Horn receiver’s only offer. 

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