Pony Stampede Hilltop Review: Oct. 28

Come inside another edition of the Pony Stampede Hilltop Review with the latest news on SMU commits, targets and team news.

2019 Tennessee wing picks up SMU offer

By: Demetrio Teniente

Before he played a game in high school, 2019 Houston (Tenn.) small forward Bruce Guy Jr. had already picked up an offer to play college ball.

The summer before his ninth grade year, in a summer league for Houston High School, Guy Jr. was showing out at a tournament at Western Kentucky. He performed so well that weekend that he left the tournament with an offer from Western Kentucky.

“With all these coaches looking at me I just felt like I had to come out ready to play every day when I step out on the court,” Guy Jr said. “I couldn’t take anything lightly and had to play every game like it was my last.”


Since then he has picked up offers from Morehead State, Middle Tennessee State, Tulsa, Virginia Tech, and earlier this week from SMU.

The 6-5, 185 pound forward says he was offered by SMU assistant coach Shawn Forrest. Guy Jr. says he hadn’t seen Forrest until he was offered.  

 “It was the first time we had got to talk in person,” Guy Jr. said. “I was excited, but I feel that my game speaks for itself. So when they offered me, I was excited and happy that they did but I just tried to stay humble.”

Guy Jr. has taken a few trips over the past few years, but his favorite so far was a ninth grade trip he took to Indiana.

“I really liked it,” he said. “It was a really god experience. It was a nice atmosphere.”

He plans on visiting SMU in either December or March but isn’t sure on a specific date. He also plans on visiting other programs.

And while Guy Jr. is happy with the offers he has received so far, he isn’t exactly satisfied. He knows how much work it has taken to get his game where it is, and that there is still room for improvement.

“At first I wasn’t that recognized as the player that I am,” he said. “I had to work to get [these offers]. It hurt getting overlooked, but I got in the gym and got better. I still have a lot of work to do. I’m just trying to prove myself.” 

SMU also offered Guy Jr.'s high school teammate the same day, 2018 shooting guard Ryan Boyce.

SMU TE commit talks visiting for win vs. Houston


By: Andrew Hattersley

2017 Lake Travis HS (Tex.) tight end and SMU commit Cade Brewer had heard how much progress SMU had been making in recent months and saw it first hand in their win over Houston Saturday night even though he never doubted Chad Morris would turn it around. 

“It was sweet to get up there, and you know they won and it was good environment, good atmosphere in the stadium and a good win for coach Morris and them,” Brewer said, “I always believed in coach Morris and that he would turn it around and I think he’s doing that with a great win against Houston and doing a great job there.” 


Equally exciting for the 6-3, 215-pound tight end was the emotion after the game both in the locker and in the stands. 

“It was exciting when they won and all the students stormed the field and it’s going to be fun when I go up there and hopefully I get to experience that,” Brewer said, “They were pretty loud up in there, it’s cool to see that and hopefully it will happen when I get there, I think it will.”

Things have stayed pretty much the same for Brewer on the recruitment front. He picked up offers from Oklahoma, Texas A&M and San Diego State, among others, in the spring, but they haven't been pushing for him in a while. 

“It’s kind of slowed down a lot, I haven’t really talked to anyone besides SMU,” Brewer said. 

Brewer had a strong start to his senior season before being slowed down by a torn meniscus. Although he had to get surgery, Brewer hopes to be back as soon as next week. 

“It’s been going pretty good, but I actually had two tears in my meniscus and I had to get surgery so I’ve been out the last three games,” Brewer said, “This will be my third Friday and hopefully I’ll be back next week, it’s feeling a lot better I’m starting to sprint now and cut a little bit.”

Houston win further cements Johnson’s commitment to SMU


By: Billy Embody

2017 SMU commit Ar'mani Johnson and his squad are off to an 8-0 start and it can’t be going better for Johnson, except he has zero interceptions on the year.

“I’ve been playing good. I haven’t had a pick though. Our two corners have picks, but our safeties don’t have picks. I want a pick-six,”Johnson said. “I’ve been playing in the defense for four years. I feel comfortable facing receivers. I help out new players on our team. I want to go deep in the playoffs and win state.”


Since committing, Johnson has built a strong relationship with Van Malone, Jess Loepp and Buddy Wyatt, who frequently keep up with him. They all talked this week.

“They just asked me how my season was going and my grades. Coach Loepp said he wants to see a pick-six from me. It was kind of brief because they were game planning for UH, but it was good.”

Malone and Chad Morris Morris keep up with Johnson the most and again, the positive reviews continue.

“It’s great. They’re the best coaches I’ve ever met in my recruiting process. I talked to them once every week and I talk to them a couple times on DM a week.”

Cornerback is where SMU sees Johnson, but only when he’s ready.

“They said be ready to play when you come to SMU, but if you’re not ready, it’s okay, we’ll redshirt you. They expect me to do great things for the SMU Mustangs. I’ve got that mindset.”

When Johnson visited for SMU’s loss to TCU, he took note of Horace Richardson and how he plays.

“I like how Horace Richardson plays. How he comes down and how he plays coach Malone’s defense.”

Johnson said the team just couldn’t keep up the same energy as TCU in the second half.

“I think we did pretty good in the first half, but in the second half, we came out flat and with more energy. We couldn’t stop their motor that they had.”

After the game, Johnson went into the locker room and met some of his future teammates.

“I met a lot of the corners like Eric Sutton and Horace. They’re all pretty cool guys.”

Johnson wasn’t able to take in SMU’s win over Houston due to a game, but he plans to take his official after the season, likely in January. He says he’s solid despite an overture from Boise State.

“Fully committed. Can’t wait to do great things with the Mustangs.”

Following the win over Houston, Johnson said SMU sent a message that the losing from years past since the Death Penalty is on the way out. It further cemented Johnson’s trust in the staff.

“The dark cloud that's been over SMU football program for years, it’s a thing of the past. Hopefully other recruits will realize, that the program is rise and they should get on board and become a part of history as SMU makes it's  comeback,” Johnson said. “I trust Coach Morris and the vision he has for the program 100%. I'm excited about becoming a part of that vision in 2017!”

Another note from a recent Scout interview with 4-star TE and Johnson's teammate Mustapha Muhammad: “He’s a shutdown corner on the ball. He can cover and also safety. He’s strong and even come and help in the run game. I think he’ll see the field pretty early at SMU.”

2017 SMU commit gets TempoCopter visit

By: Billy Embody

2017 SMU defensive back commit Justin Guy-Robinson and Pearland got a visit from Chad Morris in the Tempocopter recently. The visit from SMU’s head coach meant a lot.

“It’s a great feeling. I just heard the helicopter come out. I was just amazed honestly that they came down to watch me play,” Guy-Robinson said. “It says a lot that they want me and came to watch me. I had to show out for them because I knew they were coming. They said they were very impressed.”


Guy-Robinson was on hand for SMU’s win over Houston this past weekend. 

“(Prior to the game) I expected them to go out and show that they’re better and make plays. I expect the to come out with the W,” Guy-Robinson said. “(After the game) SMU is up to something special and it's going to take 110 players and a coaching staff to do it. We're ready to put a stamp on the game!”

Pearland and SMU both have met adversity this season, but that’s what impresses Guy-Robinson is how SMU works through it.

“They’ve come short-handed at times especially when their quarterback went down. Just like us, I felt they’ve overcome adversity,” the 5-10, 160-pound defensive back said. “They work in other players that might not have thought about playing. They’re peaking at the right time.”

Malone, Morris and Archie McDaniel all keep up with Guy-Robinson at least twice a week, which has led to the relationship growing. SMU’s ability to takeaway the football has really impressed Guy-Robinson, who likes his relationship with the staff.

“It’s great. They treat me like I’m already family. They can’t wait for me to come down and wish they could take me back to Dallas with them. I feel very welcome,” Guy-Robinson said. “We talk often about school and they’re very open with me about everything. We just talk about life.”

The 2017 SMU class has a group text and wished Toby Ndukwe well as he went for surgery on his torn ACL recently. The class is getting closer with each passing day.

“We all talk, we’re all friendly. I’ll be able to talk more with them after the game (Houston). I’m close with Ar’Mani Johnson and Elijah McQueen,” Guy-Robinson said. “We talk about making an impact immediately and us playing early and making an impact.”

As far as Guy-Robinson’s senior year, he’s doing it in all aspects with a 90-yard kickoff return for a touchdown on his resume, Guy-Robinson has only seen four targets all year. 

Pearland is getting healthy and trying to make a playoff run after losing a couple games early. His confidence is growing with his improved technique.

“Great. I know they’re not going to throw my way. I want them to, but they know better. Now, our team is peaking at the right time. We’re ready to make a playoff run,”Guy-Robinson said. “I’ve grown in my confidence in myself and my favorite coach came back (Marlboro). He taught me everything and works on my technique so I can line up with any wide receiver.”

As far as his commitment, it’s even stronger after the Houston game.

“I’m 100 percent committed to SMU and I’m glad they gave me the opportunity to further my athletic career and education. Pony Up!”

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