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2018 Waco Midway tight end David Priebe talks SMU offer, prospect day visit

SMU extended an offer to 2018 Waco (Tex.) Midway tight end David Priebe at prospect day on Saturday. The 6-6 tight end talked with Pony Stampede about the offer.

On his first prospect day of his life, Waco (Tex.) Midway tight end David Priebe picked up an offer while in Dallas to visit SMU. For his first college trip, Priebe came away impressed with everything the staff showed him on the visit. After a great first visit, he can see himself potentially going to SMU.

"I really enjoyed it. It was a lot nicer than I expected. Just learning about the football side of it. I knew SMU was a good school, but never knew just how good with the business school that it offered," Priebe said. "I was really impressed with how the coaches were with coach Gunn and coach Craddock. Coach Morris talked a lot with the recruits and sounded like a really great guy. In the future, I'm definitely going to be talking with them. I'm glad I went and got a feel for it. Who knows? Maybe I'll decide to play there after I see some spring practices."

It wasn't until late in the afternoon that offensive coordinator Joe Craddock and assistant coach Keith Gunn pulled the junior aside and let him know the good news.

"Towards the end of the junior day, coach Gunn and coach Craddock had me and my dad had me go into one of the meeting rooms and coach Craddock just told me he was offering me a scholarship," Priebe said. "Got pretty excited from there."

On the visit, Craddock and Gunn impressed Priebe and his family with their attitudes about where SMU is headed under Chad Morris.

"I really like coach Craddock and coach Gunn. They're really down to earth guys and I feel like coach Morris is turning it around," Priebe said. "I think in the future, they're going to be a really good program with their attitude about working hard and just making yourself a better person and a better football team. Academics comes first."

One of the key pieces to SMU's offense is the three-back, SMU's tight end/H-Back position. Priebe said it's a position he's very comfortable with already.

"They explained to me that their tight end is a three-back. He'll do a lot of the same things I do in our offense now whether being on the line or in the backfield or ends up split out as a wide receiver. I enjoy that because our offense right now is like that so if I went to SMU, it wouldn't be a huge jump for me," Priebe said. "I watched the Houston game and their offense was explosive. I want to go to a college that I'm used and it's explosive. I could see myself at SMU because their offense suits me based off how I am in high school. Plus, the attitude of coach Craddock and coach Gunn."

Missouri was first to offer the Texas tight end and it came as a bit of a shock earlier this fall.

"I talked to the tight end coach once, but before that, it was unexpected. One day at practice the tight end coach was there watching us and at the end of practice, my coach told me that Missouri was offering. It was kind of surreal because I hadn't expected that."

Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Houston and other schools are showing some early interest in the future engineering major. He's focused on finding a place where he can fit in with the rest of the student body while getting an education and playing football.

"I want to fit in with the other students there. I don't want to go somewhere for five years and not fit in culturally with everyone else. That's pretty big for me. I want to get along with everyone."

The almost 6-7, 220-pound tight end said he's ready to do whatever it takes to help the team win.

"I'm a really big team player. When this new offensive coordinator came in, he told me he wanted to throw and run. If I'm needed in the run game, I'll go block. If I need to be a passing game, I'll go out and run routes. I'll go out and do whatever it takes for the team to win."

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