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SMU Signing Day Profile: Austin Upshaw

PonyStampede's breakdown of La Porte quarterback and SMU signee Austin Upshaw.

Video Breakdown QB Austin Upshaw

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 1,753 passing yards (56% completion rate), 15 touchdowns, five interceptions; 1,598 rushing yards, 22 touchdowns.

COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Memphis, where he was committed before flipping to SMU.

SIDE NOTE: Upshaw's main reasoning for flipping to SMU was the ability to stay in-state for college and get a great education. It didn't take much for Upshaw to flip to SMU.

AUDIBLE: "I think they like that I can make plays on the run and through the air. My game has really developed over the last three years and I feel like I've become a true dual threat quarterback," Upshaw said. "As far as the offense goes it is similar to the offense I ran at La Porte so I see myself fitting into it well."

How Upshaw Fits

Austin Upshaw really comes in as a terrific athlete for SMU, who can develop into a passer over the next couple years before having to take the field at quarterback. While he's a bit raw as a passer, this is the quarterback of the future if you're SMU. He's a bit of a project, but that's okay as well. 

What Upshaw Brings

Upshaw is similar to Gillins, but even more explosive as a runner. Greg Ward, Jr. is the closest comparison for Upshaw's game, but he has to develop more as a passer. That will come with coaching. He's an explosive athlete. That's the biggest thing with Upshaw and if it doesn't work out at quarterback, SMU can certainly move him around to another position.

Freshman Year Expectations for Upshaw

Upshaw will redshirt barring serious injury problems for SMU at the quarterback position.

Career Expectations for Upshaw

Upshaw will play a couple years from now as the starter most likely, but that's perfectly fine as SMU has a few older quarterbacks. The best case scenario is Upshaw becoming SMU's Ward. That's the best case scenario. I'm not sure if he can develop as a passer to be as big of a threat as Ward was for Houston, but under Joe Craddock's guidance, SMU quarterbacks have without a doubt improved. If Upshaw can mix his speed with the ability to play the quarterback position at a high level, that'll lead to a potential All-AAC player, overcoming his 6-1 stature.

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