SMU Signing Day Profile: Tyler Page

PonyStampede's breakdown of Friendswood athlete and SMU signee Tyler Page.

Video Breakdown ATH Tyler Page

SENIOR YEAR STATS: 1,609 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, four interceptions; 2,095 rushing yards (per carry), 33 touchdowns.

COMMITTED TO SMU OVER: Army, Air Force, Tulane, Texas State, Virginia and other Ivy League schools.

SIDE NOTE: Page was a finalist for Mr. Football in the state of Texas, but fell just short. His over 3,700 total yards and 50 touchdowns were an impressive mark to bring to SMU.

AUDIBLE: “The coaches are really likable and are very genuine when they talk to me,” Page said. “They really value family atmosphere. The school SMU is a great degree and that’s something that I was looking for in a school. And it’s in Texas, and I’m happy that I get to stay in Texas.”

How Page fits

This is your Collin Rock of the 2017 class in Tyler Page. He's going to start off at wide receiver, but could potentially be a safety or even see some time at quarterback. SMU really likes what Page can do with the ball in his hands and the staff is looking forward to getting him on the edge with jet sweeps.

What Page brings

Page brings solid athleticism and that quick twitch to the skill positions. Page needs to put on that weight, but this is one that SMU really liked with the ball in his hands when watching him at quarterback this fall and while the offer had been out for a little while, Page grew on the staff even more because of that production and ability to produce with the ball in his hands.

What to expect freshman year for Page

I expect Page to redshirt this year while he puts on weight and with SMU's depth at the skill positions, he can certainly do that and take that time. 

Career expectations for Page

If Page can continue to develop and stay healthy, he should be a versatile player for SMU. I expect him to end up on the defensive side of the ball. His ball skills and athleticism are good enough to be on either side of the ball, but as SMU continues to land some big-time playmakers on offense, I feel like Page will end up on defense. Either way, SMU has a versatile prospect that it can use in many different ways. It's early to really set expectations, but once his position is settled, that will be easier to do.

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