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Hot Button: Best SMU Defensive Back Signee

The Pony Stampede staff debates who is SMU's best signee in the secondary in this premium discussion.

Billy: Justin Guy-Robinson

I really like guys with big shoulders and a little bit of length. While Ar'mani Johnson might have the edge as far as height goes on Guy-Robinson, Guy-Robinson has the shoulders that say he's going to be able to put on a little weight and for both of these guys, that's my concern with them. Long term, I'm more excited about the what Guy-Robinson brings to the table for SMU. I like his body and ability to put on more weight. Ar'Mani has me a bit worried just from when I saw him, but both have solid top end speed. Guy-Robinson has those long arms as well, which is another thing I like in today's world where so many times, defensive backs are left in 1-on-1 coverage.

Patrick: Ar'mani Johnson

Justin Guy-Robinson has the impressive and flashy speed, but I think Johnson is further along overall as a corner right now because of his ability to cover down the field and run with receivers 1-on-1 and undercut routes down the field. He’s pretty technically sound in coverage and he brings some length at 6-foot, so he should fit well on the boundary. At 160 pounds, he’s a little skinny right now and needs to get stronger, but he already displays the downfield coverage ability and technique that would get him on the field before long. With the other young corners on the roster and Johnson’s smallish frame, he’s a candidate to redshirt. But he also could find himself playing special teams like a couple of freshman corners did last season. He can also play safety.

Demo: Justin Guy-Robinson

Guy-Robinson is a play maker. He can diagnose plays quickly and he has game-changing speed. He has great ball skills and that comes in handy a lot because he always seems to be in the right place. Jordan Wyatt has proven that ultra-fast corners who can break on the ball and jump routes can be good in SMU's defense. He’s also a gifted returner. On special teams or in the secondary, Guy-Robinson can make an impact. 

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