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Roundtable: Biggest Recruit SMU Couldn't Land

The PonyStampede staff debates which SMU target was the biggest and toughest miss in the 2017 recruiting cycle in this premium discussion.

Billy: Charlie Brewer

This one hurts. One that SMU thought would ride with them until the end. Brewer flipped to Baylor late after all of the rumors surrounding Chad Morris and Baylor, but early playing time was a reason that the Lake Travis quarterback cited for the flip. Brewer flipping late lead SMU to landing Austin Upshaw, but it was a real downer overall to lose Brewer, who had real close family ties to Chad Morris and his family. Brewer knew the SMU offense front and back, having grown up around it while his brothers played for Morris. In the end, it was the draw of the Big 12 in part that lead Brewer to flip as well. Was a really tough deal for SMU fans and the staff to take.

Patrick: Dimitri Moore

Some of the decommitments from SMU's 2017 class may seem worse because of their timing, but I’m highlighting an area where I think SMU could have used an obvious stud. With a smaller class, SMU wasn’t going to have room to take multiple guys at each position. To me, SMU’s decision to allocate one total spot to Mike/Will linebacker means SMU needs a game-changer at the position that can walk in, play (if not start) immediately and make the whole unit better right away. That’s what Moore, who signed with Vanderbilt, represents to me. Same with Baylor signee Terrel Bernard. I think Shaine Hailey is a good linebacker, but I don’t think he has that effect the minute he arrives on campus this June. Those were guys SMU jumped in on early, but couldn’t land. The point of this isn’t to scold SMU for losing guys to Power Five teams or for losing a guy that just didn’t have super high interest in SMU, but rather to say they couldn’t land an immediate difference-maker here.

Hatts: Cade Brewer

SMU managed to hold off the likes of Oklahoma, Baylor and other big schools offering Cade Brewer, but when he his dream school Texas came calling it was too much to fend off for SMU. This was a huge loss for SMU for a number of reasons. After the loss of Jeremiah Gaines, and with a couple inexperienced tight ends stepping up to replace him, Cade Brewer would have filled a huge hole in the passing game. SMU tried to fill this hole with Raymond Epps, but he is not the playmaker Cade Brewer would have been. With Cade Brewer in the class, SMU likely had a better chance of hanging on to Charlie Brewer who flipped to Baylor right at the end of the dead period as well. If Cade Brewer were still a part of this class, it’s more likely Charlie would be on campus and getting ready for spring ball as well. It's a bit of a double miss in that sense. This was no doubt a big miss for SMU, and it will be up to Epps, Corey Rau, Ryan Becker and Mitch Kaufman to produce at tight end for SMU in 2017. Rau was one of the signees the staff was highest on at this time last year, and he needs to emerge. 

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