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Roundtable: SMU Assistant Coach MVP

The PonyStampede staff debates which SMU was most valuable on the trail in recruiting for the 2017 class in this premium discussion.

Billy: Buddy Wyatt

I think it's easy to go with Dustin Fry here for him having stayed on three offensive tackles that were pretty highly regarded, flipping two of them, but since Hatts and Patrick have that pretty well covered, I'll roll with Buddy Wyatt. Every single defensive lineman we talked with raved about his energy and that's a big reason why SMU landed some of the lineman it did. While he might not have been the area recruiter for most of them, with guys like Toby Ndukwe and Jordan Gipson being recruited mainly by Van Malone and Archie McDaniel, Wyatt was involved with every defensive lineman. The Mustangs have a solid haul here and for that, Wyatt deserves a lot of praise as well.

Patrick: Offensive line coach Dustin Fry

This is an easy one for me. The entire SMU staff does great work on the trail and is good about building early relationships with players, but Fry’s efforts paid off in a big way. SMU had a need for tackles, Fry identified big-time targets, started recruiting them right away and landed three players coveted by Power Five teams. He identified Alan Ali and Matthew Huhn as two early priority targets. SMU offered them before most other schools did and he started building relationships with them and their families right away. That got Ali locked up quickly and made an impression on Huhn before he originally committed to Houston. SMU stayed in touch with him and ramped up its pursuit of him once he decommitted from Houston in December. Huhn already had the familiarity with Fry going back a long time. Fry and head coach Chad Morris impressed Hayden Howerton on a visit in November, when Howerton was committed to Rice. He liked the school and staff enough on just the visit that he flipped less than two weeks later. Credit the entire coaching staff for getting players committed early and building a class by the summer, but Fry’s work was particularly impressive.

Hatts: Offensive line coach Dustin Fry

With Alan Ali, Hayden Howerton and Matthew Huhn all onboard for this class, it’s hard to discount the job that Fry was able to do getting these three talented lineman on campus. Along with the likes of Todora and Smith, these three could well be key pieces to SMU’s line down the road and a lot of that credit should go to Fry. He deserves a lot of credit for keeping up with Matthew Huhn even after he committed to Houston, and be ready to take advantage of this relationship where Tom Herman left for Texas late last year. With three talented, powerful lineman SMU has to feel good about where they are at that position for the next couple of seasons. 

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