Roundtable: SMU's Most Underrated Signee

Each member of the PonyStampede staff makes a pick for the most underrated signee in SMU's 2017 signing class.

Billy: Judah Bell

The one-time Navy commit had some early offers and the East Texas receiver was looking at his recruitment blowing up for the most part. That didn't happen overall, but he still managed to sneak into the SMU class. His 6-3 frame can put on plenty of weight so he might even end up as a 3-back, but as of now, he'll be a wide receiver at that 9-man position. With time to redshirt and really develop his route running, I like Bell to be a under the radar contributor out of this class.

Patrick: Tyler Page

Just take a look at Page’s ability in the open field. He’s slippery, elusive, makes cuts extremely fast and has vision. He showed off most of that as a quarterback when he ran the ball, but SMU will play him as a slot receiver, where he can still use that open-field ability and get the ball in space. Before he hurt his ankle late in his senior season, he was routinely scoring four to five touchdowns in the first halves of games, before sitting out much of the second half in blowout wins. SMU has a lot of depth at receiver and Page may not see action right away, but he’s going to impress once he does. A redshirt year to learn the position and spend some time catching balls would help him a lot. He got offers from a couple Power Five teams (Virginia, Kansas), but it's a surprise to me he didn't have more. He's as big an under-the-radar steal for SMU since Chad Morris has been here.

Hatts: Elijah McQueen

SMU needed to get an athletic safety in this class and I like what they got in Elijah McQueen. Even though the numbers are smaller for this year's class, SMU likes him enough to be comfortable with him as the class' lone safety. One thing to like about McQueen is how fast and decisively he breaks on the ball and finishes off the tackle. He's instinctive too. It’s also a big advantage for SMU and McQueen that he was able to get on campus this January and increase the chances he can make an impact as early as this season with the experience he will gain during spring ball. He's a little undersized at 5-feet-11 and 185 pounds, but he has an extra semester to get bigger and stronger. McQueen also didn't get the exposure most players get in the spring, because Terrell does not do spring practices.

Demo: Matthew Huhn

I think everyone can agree that SMU needs help on the offensive line the most. Matthew Huhn is a huge signing because not only does he provide depth right away, but he could see a lot of playing time relatively soon. At 6-feet-7, 295 he is a large human with plenty of room to add even more size. His ability to get to the next level on run plays is particularly impressive as his ability to move with speed rusher on the edge.  I’m a firm believer in building from the offensive and defensive line up and Huhn will be a huge part of the success SMU will have in the future. Huhn was a top-70 tackle nationally and had a nice offer list, but I still think he's underrated and should be ranked higher and have more offers.

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