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SMU's 2017 offers: where they signed

With signing day over, here is where each player SMU offered in the 2017 class signed to play next season.

Every college football team has to offer way more players than they are going to take in a recruiting class, because no staff hits on every single player it offers. Some of those offered players are top priorities, some are fall-back plans, some run out space when a position group fills up,  and others just never end up being recruited that hard when one or both sides focus on other options. PonyStampede kept track of each player that picked up an SMU offer (in the 2017 cycle, and now that signing day has passes, nearly all have signed to play somewhere next season.

The point of this isn't to show that SMU missed on so many players it offered, because not all were priorities and every single FBS team offers a lot of players. Rather, it's interesting to look back on one-time former targets and offers and see their final destination and final ranking. Here's every known 2017 player with an SMU offer and where he signed, broken down by position group.

Quick facts:

PonyStampede tracked 132 known SMU offers (excluding SMU commits) in the 2017 cycle.

Seven players who SMU didn't offer but monitored are included

Of those 19, 100 signed with Power Five teams (49 offense, 51 defense) and 117 had Power Five offers.

51 players changed commitments at least once. Of those 51, nine changed commitments twice. Two players decommitted, then recommitted to a school (not included in the 51). 

SMU had seven recommitments in the 2017 cycle. Six of them signed with Power Five teams. Of the 51 changes in commitments, 13 changed from a Group of Five team to a Power Five team (including SMU).

Two players didn't sign with Division I school they were once committed to because they signed with a junior college or had off-field issues (are not included in the 51).


(Previously committed to: Houston)

(Previously committed to: SMU)

(Previously committed to: Baylor)

(Previously committed to: Florida Atlantic)

(Previously committed to: SMU, Memphis)

(SMU never offered Banks, a junior college transfer by way of Kansas State, but guy they took a good look at in the summer as a possible second quarterback before Gillins committed)

Running back:

(Previously committed to: Iowa)

(Previously committed to: Georgia)

(Signed with a junior college. Previously committed to Houston)

Wide receiver/tight end:

(Previously committed to: Tennessee)

(Previously committed to: Baylor)

(SMU was Shavers’ offer way back in spring of 2015, long before he blew up)

(Previously committed to: SMU, TCU)

(Previously committed to: Texas A&M)

(Previously committed to: Texas)

(Bynum will play defensive back for Houston)

(Previously committed to: SMU, Washington State)

(Previously committed to: SMU)

(Previously committed to: Oklahoma, then recommitted)

(Previously committed to: TCU, Ole Miss)

(Previously committed to: Texas Tech, Oklahoma. SMU was the second to offer, after Tech, where his dad played).

(SMU did not offer Thomas, but he was slot WR out of Lancaster who visited SMU and SMU liked, but decided it didn’t need slot types the class).

(Previously committed to: Memphis)

Offensive line:

(SMU was White’s first offer, back in the spring of 2015)

(Pleasant signed with a junior college)

(SMU did not offer Polley, but he came on a visit shortly after he committed to Colorado and had interest. SMU wanted someone who they saw as a tackle.)

(Previously committed to: UCLA)

(Previously committed to: Texas, Colorado)

(Previously committed to: SMU, which was his first offer)

(Previously committed to: Kansas, Texas Tech)

(Previously committed to: Kansas)

(SMU didn’t offer but was monitoring him as a possible addition as a tackle, before Matthew Huhn decommitted from Houston and before they focused on Hayden Howerton. SMU felt it could have landed him if it had offered and pushed for him earlier in the fall, but wanted to be patient. He blew up in December).

(Previously committed to: North Carolina).

(Previously committed to: Tulsa. Like Jason Moore, SMU didn’t offer but was monitoring him as a possible tackle, but wanted to be patient. If SMU had offered and pushed for him, the staff felt they could have landed him).

Defensive line:

(Previously committed to: Houston)

(Had SMU very high on his list over a host of other Power Fives because of the academics, but picked Northwestern).

(Previously committed to: Oklahoma State)

(Previously committed to: Kansas, Arkansas)

(Previously committed to: Ole Miss)

(Previously committed to: Arkansas. SMU was his first offer after he visited for a spring practice in April).


(Previously committed to: Mississippi State. Hines committed there as a freshman. Despite holding 90 offers, he kept SMU in his final 10 and frequently visited campus).

(Previously committed to: Oklahoma State)

(Previously committed to: Baylor)

(Previously committed to: Houston)

(Previously committed to: Texas A&M, but then recommitted. SMU was his first offer last spring).

(Previously committed to: Memphis)

(Previously committed to: Minnesota)

(Thurman signed with a junior college).

Defensive back:

(Previously committed to: Houston, Texas Tech)

(Previously committed to: Baylor, Houston)

(Previously committed to: Notre Dame)

(Previously committed to: Oklahoma State)

(Previously committed to: Houston)

(Previously committed to: Oklahoma State)

(Previously committed to: TCU. SMU was his first offer last March).

(Previously committed to: Texas Tech)

(Previously committed to: Nevada. SMU didn’t offer, but he visited multiple times)

(Previously committed to: Baylor)

(Previously committed to: Vanderbilt)

(Previously committed to: Houston)

(Previously committed to: Virginia)


(Previously committed to: TCU)

Didn't sign:

Lakeview Centennial QB Kamron Fields signed to play baseball at Texas. SMU, along with couple Power Five, programs, offered as a quarterback.

(Previously committed to: Texas. He reportedly has off-field issues).

(Previously committed to: Minnesota. SMU was the first to offer).


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