SMU QB Ben Hicks (Billy Embody)

Q&A: SMU quarterback Ben Hicks talks spring, competition

SMU quarterback Ben Hicks holds the edge for the starting job coming out of spring practices. He breaks down the competition and his spring.

Q: How'd you approach the quarterback competition? 
A: "I knew there was going to be competition from now on. I've been in competition when it matters since I've got here. It's nothing new for me. Both of those guys (Peavey and Gillins) are very talented so I just go out and worry about what I can and let the chips fall. I can only control what I can control so like I said, there's always competition so I haven't thought about it like that."

Q: Chad said you've had the edge. How does that make you feel at the end of spring?
A: "It feels pretty good. I thought I had a good spring especially becoming a better leader is where I felt I improved a lot this spring so that's all I was trying to do was come out, have fun and compete and let the chips fall."

Q: How do you become a better leader?
A: "It's becoming more vocal, knowing that I've got to do what I've got to do and also just understanding how to be a more positive leader. I've got a bigger role now, started for a year, and just being more positive and more vocal to everybody. I'm sure if you ask coach Morris, the first thing he'll say is body language."

Q: As a freshman, did you find yourself getting down on yourself?
A: "Oh ya. You get frustrated when you have a streak of losing, but we tasted some success last year especially as young guys so it was good and we had a lot to learn from."

Q: What is coach looking from you guys as far as taking the reins and earning that starting spot?
A: "He knows what he wants out of his quarterback. Being positive, controlling the offense, protections and being able to go fast. He knows what he wants and we're just trying to do what we're supposed to do. There's always going to be competition."

Q: What was it like when coach Morris handed the reins to Joe Craddock as play-caller? Did you feel like you grew together?
A: "Me and Craddock have a pretty good relationship. I think at times last year, I knew exactly what he was going to call on certain situations so we were always on the same page and it was good. It's only going to get better."

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