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Tyler JC defensive tackle Pono Davis commits to SMU due to family, comfort

Tyler Junior College defensive tackle Kullen "Pono" Davis spoke with Pony Stampede about committing to SMU.

Family and comfort drove John Tyler Junior College defensive tackle Kullen "Pono" Davis to commit to SMU less than a week after receiving an offer from them. 

“My brother is over at TCU so that is a big rivalry, my parents really like the program at SMU, the education, it’s just a truly great school,” Davis told PonyStampede. “I’m proud to be committed there and excited to continue playing my football over there.” 

Aside from feeling very comfortable with the coaching staff, one of the biggest factors that drew Davis to SMU was his parents’ admiration of the school. 

“Definitely my parents and my family, they really liked SMU and liked the campus over there and just the environment and the education,” Davis said. 

The 6-2, 280-pound defensive tackle has talked with a number of the coaches, but has definitely developed the closest relationship with running backs coach Jeff Traylor. 

“He let me know that he is here to take care of me if I ever need anything that he’s there for me,” Davis said. “We can talk about sports or anything, talking about the Celtics game the other night, kind of that comfortable vibe coming from him.”

With Davis’s brother being a fullback at TCU, he is already looking forward to the trip to Fort Worth on September 16. 

“It’ll be pretty awesome getting to compete against my brother,” Davis told PonyStampede. “Hopefully having my parents come for that game and cheer on me or my brother or both sides so I’m excited it’s going to be awesome.” 

The newest member of the team will take a visit to SMU May 12th before returning shortly after for summer school. Davis will be eligible immediately and have three years of eligibility remaining. 

“Very hard working team, definitely excited to put in some work with them,” Davis said. “Just excited to connect with all the players and just excited to learn more from the defensive side from coach Wyatt and our defensive coordinator.” 

Although he hasn’t spoken to any of the current players, Davis did reach out to a couple former players to get a better idea of the school. 

“I’ve talked to former players and transfers that came from there and they really liked it so I just got a lot of positive vibes coming from it,” Davis said. 

The Hawaii native noted he learned a lot about hard work among other things at Tyler and plans to take many of those lessons with him to SMU. 

“Definitely my academics over here at Tyler, I’ve really been focused on my grades and just working hard,” Davis said. “Putting in the extra work on the football field, just that effort that our coaches have instilled in us.” 

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