SMU signee Harrison Loveless (Photo: Billy Embody)

The Pony Stampede Hilltop Review 5/12 with the latest SMU recruiting updates

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SMU signee Harrison Loveless set to get to Hilltop in June

By: Billy Embody

Scout caught up with SMU signee Harrison Loveless at the Mustangs' Spring Game for a quick second to see how he's doing with preparing to get to Dallas this summer.

Q: How has all the workouts and preparing for college been going for you?
A: "It's been really good. The coaches have helped me walk through all the recruiting, signing up for classes and all that. I'm just excited to watch the defensive line today."

Q: After Signing Day, I'm sure you started with trying to put on weight. Where are you right now?
A: "January, I was 245 and now I'm at 275."

Q: What are you excited about this summer? 
A: "I'm just excited to start classes, start college, start workouts and all that stuff on June 4."

Q: What are the coaches telling you about your freshman season?
A: "They said they'll look at me when I come in and see what I weight at to determine what position I'll play. I'm just excited to get up here and start working on."

2019 wide receiver picks up first offer from SMU

By: Billy Embody

Last Thursday, Bowie (Tex.) wide receiver Elijah Higgins received his first offer, from SMU. Higgins’ high school coach told him to call coach Jess Loepp, and Loepp presented him with the good news. 

“When they told me I didn’t even know what to tell them, what to say back. It’s just a true blessing that it happened. It felt surreal,” Higgins said. 

Higgins talked about what his phone call with Loepp was like. 

“When he offered me coach Loepp was really personal,” Higgins said. “He was telling me that I needed to get up there and meet everybody, and it just felt like he was welcoming me into the family of SMU. It felt really real.”

Higgins had met Loepp a few weeks earlier when Loepp came to visit his high school. The coach made a lasting impression. 

“Coach Loepp actually came up to Bowie high school two or three weeks prior to me receiving the offer,” Higgins said. “I met a lot of different college coaches that came though and coach Loepp really stuck out because he was really personal with us and he was really cool talking to us.” 

Less than week after receiving his first offer, Higgins’ second offer came in from Rice. While Higgins would love more looks from schools, he is satisfied with what he has. 

“Right now I have SMU and Rice and that’s enough for me,” he said. “Anything else is just amazing.” 

Higgins plans on visiting SMU this summer, and cannot wait to meet the rest of the coaching staff. Other than SMU and Rice he hasn’t planned any visits. Right now, he has no shortage of nice things to say about SMU.

“I just know that it’s a really good school, being a private school and everything,” he said. “And it’s in a nice location. The football team is also great. And from what I know, just seeing coach Loepp, how he communicates with me is awesome. It’s really family oriented over there.”

2018 running back taking things slow after SMU offer

By: Andrew Hattersley

SMU continued their busy week on the recruiting trail by offering 2018 Westlake HS (Tex.) running back Nakia Watson who was humbled by the offer. 

“I was really surprised when I got it because I mean it’s SMU, it’s a good school that costs $75,000 per year and to be able to get that free education, that’s amazing,” Watson said. 

The 6-0, 222-pound running back has heard a lot of good things about the school from people close to it and is high on a lot of aspects as well from personal knowledge.  

“I think it’s a really good school, good education, good football team and a good coaching staff, a lot of people talk really highly about SMU so that’s really exciting to even get a chance to play there,” Watson said. 

The talented Westlake running back has known defensive backs Jess Loepp since his freshman year, but is getting to know SMU’s new running backs coach Jeff Traylor more now and plans to visit soon in hopes of developing this relationship even more. 

“Coach Traylor he seems like a really cool dude, I just met him the other day he’s the one that actually offered me so I’m going to get to know him a little bit better,” Watson told PonyStampede. 

When Watson comes on his visit June 18, he also wants to learn more about the Biology department, in addition to the facilities. 

“I know football isn’t going to last forever and I want to major in biology so I want to see how their biology department is and I know SMU is a good school and that if people see SMU on your degree you’re guaranteed to get a decent or a good job,” Watson said. 

The powerful running back is in absolutely no rush to make a decision as his senior season approaches. 

“I’m going to just play it out honestly because I honestly haven’t really thought about committing right now, just feeling out the process.” 

2018 athlete talks offer, potential position at SMU

By: Phil Mayer

SMU offered 2018 Cinco Ranch (Tex.) athlete Brant Kuithe last week, and Kuithe was excited to receive an offer from a prestigious academic school. 

“If you get a degree from that school, you’re pretty much set for life,” he said. “If you can’t make it to the next level in football, you’re pretty much guaranteed for life to get a job.”

Kuithe had been in contact with coach Buddy Wyatt, who informed Kuithe over the phone that he had been offered. SMU had offered Kuithe’s brother Blake a few months prior, and even though the two aren’t definitely going to college together, Brant was happy to pick up an offer from a school that had offered Blake. 

“We can go to a different school for college because eventually we’re gonna end up splitting up,” Brant Kuithe said. “But just given that extra thing that we can go to school together, that’s an option also. And we also know Corey Rau who went to our school as well.” 

SMU is recruiting Kuithe as an athlete, and has not yet figured where they plan to use him. 

“They said they’re gonna look at film and try to figure out what position I’m gonna play,” Kuithe said. “Overall the positions they said were running back, h-back, tight end or wide receiver. I can really play all of those positions so there’s really no problem with that.”

In high school, he has been playing running back and slot receiver, but if it was up to Kuithe, he’d play running back at the next level. 

“Running back I feel like suits my athleticism,” he said. “I can show that I can catch the ball and run with it too.” 

Kuithe already trusts the coaching staff at SMU.

“Just overall SMU is a great school,” he said. “Speaking to the coaches they really sound like they really know what they’re doing and I really like what they’re gonna do with me.”

The 6-2, 210 athlete has not visited SMU yet but plans on going this summer. He and his brother have only visited Louisiana Lafayette and Texas State. They also plan on going to Rice this summer.

Among the offers Kuithe has are SMU, Colorado, Louisiana Lafayette, Texas State, Louisiana Monroe, Stephen F. Austin, Iowa State, Boise State and New Mexico State. But no school is leading the way for him right now. 

“Pretty much every school is in the race right now,” he said. “Everyone has a chance of getting picked.”

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