Lamar Consolidated quarterback Will Brown (Photo: Billy Embody)

Mustangs quarterback commit Will Brown 100 percent to SMU

On Saturday, Lamar Consolidated (Tex.) quarterback Will Brown competed in the Team Texas Classic with Fast 7v7 and talked about his SMU commitment with Pony Stampede.

2018 Lamar Consolidated (Tex.) quarterback Will Brown was out in Houston on Saturday working on his timing, fundamentals and more with Fast Houston 7v7.

"Just came out here to put some work in with Fast, get some work in, get some reps and throw the ball on time," Brown told Scout. "Just working my reads and trying to get better every day. Lot of talent here."

As far as his commitment to SMU, Brown maintains that he's 100 percent committed to Chad Morris and the Mustangs.

"100 percent. I love SMU," said the two-star prospect. "Came up a few times to my school during spring football and really connected with me, teaching me new things and there's a 100 percent chance I'm going there."

Brown wouldn't go into what schools are showing interest saying he's not really interested in looking elsewhere.

"It's some looks, but I'm not really interested," Brown said.

It's the family environment Morris' staff brings to the table whenever Brown goes up to visit the Hilltop.

"Not only the football and the education, but the drive to graduate college and the environment over there with the coaching staff," Brown said. "It's very loving and they teach you that it's more than just football. The contact with them is family contact. They're always checking on what's going on with the family and what I'm going to do during the summer. It's more than play-by-play on the field or football, it's about family."

Brown took in SMU's Spring Game and came away impressed with the improvement he saw out of the team.

"The spring game was awesome. Saw a lot of improvement with the team, moving the ball, quarterback passing the ball," Brown said. "It's great. They're going to make a statement this year."

The future Electrical Engineering major said that while he will have the chance to play early, that's not the only  thing on his mind when he gets to SMU.

"They're telling me that I'll have the opportunity to start if I stay focused and continue to get better," Brown said. "Also, that's not the main goal for you to play football, they want me to graduate college, that's the main focus."

The 6-4 quarterback weighs 200 pounds now and is working to get to 210 pounds before his senior season starts at Lamar Consolidated. 

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