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Magnolia wide receiver Mike Woods getting interest, but solid to SMU

Hatts spoke with 2018 Magnolia (Tex.) wide receiver Mike Woods about his SMU commit, spring ball and summer plans.

Since committing to SMU in February, things have continued humming along for 2018 Magnolia HS (Tex.) wide receiver Michael Woods this spring. 

“It’s been going good, a bunch of coaches came through during the spring to see me so that’s been cool,” Woods told PonyStampede. 


So far this spring, Texas A&M, Tulsa, Northwestern, Utah and others have joined SMU in watching a couple of practices in the last couple of months. The Magnolia wide receiver held steady he is firm to SMU and hasn’t received extensive interest from any schools visiting. 

“Been pretty even, they’ve been stopping by once or twice, nothing too serious,” Woods said, “I’m solid to SMU.” 

Earlier this week, SMU receivers coach Justin Stepp and offensive coordinator Joe Craddock stopped in to see the talented receiver. 

“They are just ready for me to get to Dallas, they were just talking about how they are ready for me to get up there and be there all the time,” Woods said, “Everything is cool, their offense is like a copy of Magnolia’s offense so it’s really familiar and it just feels like home up there.” 

Outside of hosting coach Craddock and Stepp, Woods and his parents have been in constant contact with Stepp as the relationship gets stronger by the day.

“He’s cool we talk every day, he has both of my parents’ numbers and talks to them every day too so we basically talk all the time,” Woods said, “He’s the reason I committed, he’s the biggest reason I committed to the school because we have a really good relationship.” 

Woods will be up at SMU for their cookout in June, in addition, to home games against UNT and SFA, as well as, their road matchup with Houston. The 6-2, 190-pound receiver wants to see SMU air it out a little more, but most important to him is what happens in the win column. 

“I just want to see them air it out, Courtland I want to see him get a lot of balls, but I just want to see them win games,” Woods said. 

Although Woods is expected to come in as the 9-man for SMU, he has been moving all over the field in spring, something he expects to do at SMU as well. 

“Spring has been good, I have been doing my thing caught a lot of footballs, they have been moving me around a lot too so I’ve been playing some slot, couple snaps at tight end as well,” Woods said.

The two-star Scout.com receiver will be hard at work on his footwork this summer as he hopes to put up big numbers this fall to the tune of 70 catches, 1,200 yards and 20 touchdowns. 

“Footwork, I have been working on footwork a lot,” Woods said, “I’m going to Footwork King three days per week during the summer, once spring ball is over I will be up there three days per week.” 

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