2018 Yoakum offensive lineman Silas Robinson talks SMU commitment

Hatts spoke with 2018 Yoakum (Tex.) offensive lineman Silas Robinson about his decision to commit to SMU this week.

2018 Yoakum HS (Tex.) offensive lineman Silas Robinson has been surrounded by coaches his whole life, so it’s no surprise that it’s his relationship with SMU offensive line coach Dustin Fry and SMU head coach Chad Morris that led him to SMU. 

“The thing about SMU that makes it for me is the coaching, coach Fry I’ve got to know him throughout the recruiting process and really really liked him,” Robinson said, “I went and met coach Morris on campus, I talked to him on the phone a couple times, but meeting him, he’s an elite coach in Texas and I just trust him.”


Coach Fry first saw Robinson two springs ago when he was first making the transition to offensive line from quarterback. After Robinson passed along his film of his fall campaign, SMU’s offensive line coach was intrigued by his growth and potential after just one year. 

“When he offered me I didn’t think he was going to and when he did it meant a lot to me because he told me he didn’t want anyone else in the conference to offer before him,” Robinson told PonyStampede, “Then he came down and saw me and he loved me and he told my coaches he thinks I could play in the Big 12 or the SEC, he really thinks I could.” 

The 6-4 1/2, 315-pound lineman has only played 16 games there, but feels like he can make an even bigger jump in year 2. Given his relationship with coach Fry, Robinson is ready to get out and get to work with his newest coach. 

“I’m really going to get better and I really feel like I could play for him and he’d be someone I’d be really happy to go out to practice and see,” Robinson said. 

The Yoakum two-way player also feels like he has a good grasp on the game from playing so many different positions.  http://www.scout.com/college/southern-methodist/story/1784981-clips-smu-...

“I started on defensive line and offensive line so I can understand both and what a defensive lineman is trying to do, what an offensive lineman is trying to do and the fact I played quarterback I know what’s going in the backfield, what route concepts mean, why you block a certain way,” Robinson said, “I’m just trying to get better.” 

The talented lineman has received some bigger offers from Virginia and BYU, but is not interested in leaving Texas or Oklahoma. He left the door open, however, if an offer from a Big 12 school came, he may consider it, but it would largely depend on the situation. 

“I would listen if it was someone in the Big 12, maybe, maybe, I wouldn’t play anywhere outside of Texas or Oklahoma,” Silas Robinson said, “My dad is the head coach at my school and I want him to get to see me play, my grandpa was his coach, my dad played at Texas and he never missed any of his games, never missed one, so I want my dad to be able to see all of mine, I want to stay close.” 

This summer is set to be very busy for Robinson with summer conditioning just about every day, but he has plans to make it up for an SMU game this season.

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