Bigger faster Chase to play OL for SMU

When Vincent Chase chose SMU over several top schools in the country, he expected more wins that has occurred over his last four years on the Hilltop. Now the former tight end is making a position move under new head coach June Jones. Go inside to see what Chase has to say about the change and his expectations for the fall.

The past four years cannot be what senior Vincent Chase expected when he entered the SMU program in the fall of 2004.

No way had he signed up for 15-31 the past four years when he was the top rated tight end in the state of Texas as a senior in high school. Especially considering the fact that he passed up offers from the last two national champions to join the Mustangs.

Instead Chase finds himself in his fifth year on the Hilltop learning a new system and a new position as part of new head coach June Jones' rebuilding effort. He chose SMU over offers from Florida, Oklahoma, TCU, Nebraska, LSU, Arkansas, and Wisconsin to name a few.

Needless to say, the offensive lineman was not thrilled to be changing positions in his final year at first. "I was discouraged at first," he said. "I've been playing tight end since the seventh grade."

Not that he had a choice. Jones' offense, which floods the field with receivers, literally has no tight end. This turn of events forced Chase to reconsider.

"I looked at the positives," he said. "My goal is to play at the next level and it does show that I'm being versatile by changing positions."

Yet it is still funny to hear the senior talk of changing positions after he was christened by scouts as a pro prospect from the first day he stepped on campus. Yet Chase, the highest rated member of his freshman class, is embracing the opportunity.

"I know I can do it," he said. "I have great feet. I've gained the weight that I've needed to gain."

The 6-foot-5, 275 pound lineman has put on 25 pounds since the spring and is looking to start the season opener after finishing the spring at second on the depth chart at left tackle.

Most importantly, Chase has not had to give up on his dream of playing in the NFL. "If anything it's increased," he said of his chances to play on Sunday. "We do have a coaching staff where half of them have coached in the (NFL). They know a lot people.

"All I've got to do is go out there and perform."

In that sense, this is exactly where Chase expected to be.

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