Jones feels offense has long ways to go

A lot of first took place for the Mustangs in its fifth practice of the fall. It was the first time the offense went against the defense in drills and team work. It was also the first time that June Jones appeared unhappy with results of practice. Go inside to see what the first year coach had to say about Friday's performance.

A lot of first marked Friday's fifth practice for the SMU Mustangs.

It was the first time that the offense went up against the defense in seven on seven and team style work. It was also the first time that new head coach June Jones appeared not too happy after the three hour session.

"We have a long way to go," Jones said after Friday's practice. "We have a lot of guys that need to get better. We have a long ways to go."

Previously until today's practice, the offense had not gone up against the defense. Both sides of the ball showed aggressiveness, but the defense appeared to win more of their share of one on one battles.

"It seemed like we took two steps forward and then one step back today," Morrison said. "I'm sure we will take this as a learning experience and we will be better tomorrow because of it."

Jones echoed those sentiments, stating that the offense would get plenty more opportunities to prove themselves.

"We will go up against the defense from here on out, at least some everyday," Jones said. "We have some areas we must improve in, but I feel certain we will."

Friday's practice also marked the first time the team stayed on the field for a three hour session.

"You can tell it affected the players a little," Coach Morrison said. "We are in pretty good shape, but this was day five, a lot of things are wearing on them. We are making progress, like I said before it felt like we took two steps forward, what I don't like is the one step backwards towards the end."

First year defensive coordinator Tom Mason continue to show excitement about his group's progress.

"I'm excited about his defense," Mason told after practice Friday. "We are into our fifth day, our legs are tired, our brains our tired. We made a few mistakes out there today, but we will those back. I'm very pleased with our progress so far."

The punt team got it's first action of camp so far with the entire team, several about 15 minutes being spent going over that unit.

When asked if there was anything to report on the quarterback situation, Jones was quick to answer.

"Nothing different, the same old same old," Jones said. "We have to get better there."

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