Hughes excited about Mustangs playing at Rice

Houston area lineman Ben Hughes committed to SMU over the summer. Is he still committed to the Mustangs, how does he feel about his future team coming to his hometown to play this weekend. For those answers and many more, go inside the story to get the latest on how Hughes feels about SMU.

When SMU plays in Houston at least once a year, to either play Rice or the University of Houston it will be like a home game for one current Mustang commitment.

Standout lineman Ben Hughes of Stephen F. Austin High School in the Houston area already considers SMU his home school. In the talented center has opted not to sit on the Rice side of the field but on the Mustang side decked out in Mustang apparel.

"I'm so excited about the game," Hughes said. "A lot of my friends are going to the game with me. Every year SMU will play one game in Houston, it will give my friends and family an opportunity to see me play. I consider the Rice game a home game for me."

Hughes isn't concern about who is starting at quarterback; he feels that the Mustangs will start a new trend at Rice.

"I'm confident they will do well," Hughes said. "I plan on winning every game at Rice while I'm at SMU."

Hughes committed back over the summer to SMU; he hasn't wavered from that first pledge.

"I'm 150 percent committed to SMU," Hughes said. "I know it's the right place for me."

Hughes is looking forward to when the coaches can start calling him next month.

"We email a lot right now," Hughes said. "I call them a lot; it will be great when they can start calling me. We talk about everything when we talk. They are concerned with me as a person, they ask about my family. It's a great feeling."

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