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While everyone wants to win on the Hilltop now, Friday's game with Rice showed that June Jones has a tougher job than some expected. Is the program headed in the right direction? It most certainly is. Jones will turn the tide of losing, it will just take some time. Go inside to see what my thoughts are on the subject.

Southern Methodist University football fans are ready for a winner and a winner now.

SMU officials went out and got the best coach available and many expected him to turn around things instantly. Many may be upset after being trounced by Rice Friday night 56-27, but yes Mustangs you have the right coach, the right system and yes even the right quarterback.

It took four years before Tiger Woods could walk on water in his video golf game, while many hope that June Jones will resurrect the football program tomorrow, it will take some time. June Cometh has arrived, it will take a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears (like those from Friday night) before the finished product is in place.

One fan said it best on message board after the game.

"You have got to know where you are to decide where you are heart was racing at kick-off! Although the score stung, I really appreciated a coach who remained calm and focused--no screaming, no hysteria..........there were still smiles on the sideline from the players. The action on the boulevard brought excitement by the students back to campus. It's all good........we will get'em next time."

In previous interviews over the summer with veteran quarterback coach Dan Morrison, who has spent the last 10 seasons with Jones, Morrison explained that Jones and the staff don't panic, they teach, they show the players what they did wrong and they wrap an arm around them and tell them with hard work we can get this done.

Lets realize that this is the team that was 1-11 last fall; Jones has said from day one that we have to teach them how to win again.

When SMU went up 13-0 early in the game, I thought to myself this may be quicker than I expected. Then when Rice scored to take the lead before the end of the first quarter, I thought this could be a long night.

I saw a lot of positives from the game, including the decision to start Bo Levi Mitchell. He performed well with poise, confidence and a surprising command of the game early.

Another positive was the big, loud crowd from SMU. From everything I had heard was that SMU doesn't travel well, they aren't loud, they don't cheer. It's apparently a new era all around the Hilltop, because that definitely wasn't the case Friday night.

The controls of the program are in the right hands, Jones will resurrect this program, and it's just going to take some time.

These players love playing for these coaches. They will learn the ins and outs of this offense and defense and will improve with each game this fall.

Expect there to be a few bumps in the road during the process, but I fully expect this team to pull off some upsets as the season progresses.

I know it's been a long time since SMU has been to a bowl game, a long time since they have been serious contenders for a conference championship.

Realize this program didn't get this way overnight nor will it instantly be turned around in a blink of an eye.

At least SMU finally has a coach that will take chances (start a true freshman because he feels he is the best) a coach that will score a lot of points this season and yes folks one that will win a lot of championships while he is on the Hilltop.

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